Scam report about raluca ioana dumitru

First name:  raluca ioana
Last name:  dumitru
Aka:  Ana
Age:  27
Location:  Romania
Address:  Valenii De Munte,county Prahova
Phone:  +40733127471
On websites:  Craigslist,
Report:  Scammer tells men that mother and her have no food. father died and she works for 140.00 euros a month in chicken slaughter factory. Keeps stating in emails, no food, only bread and water for her and mother. Mother Posted about an hour ago on: 2017-08-29 6:38pm Contact Information: 8/29/2017 Romania | manage posting 2/3 supposedly has heart condition and needs medicine. They live in Commune and no one helps them. The internet is slow and does not work at times. It goes on and on until you offer to send money and how quickly they know how to receive money and tell you to make sure name is correct or they can not pick up money. This woman is very good, using, I believe two locations to take pics from and other to send emails from. As you put the pieces together you find out that mother seems to be overweight and Raluca is eating quite well on other victims money(can see it in the cheeks). She admitted to owning 3 room house but father died 5 years ago and it all went down. I am sharing this with all in order NOT to fall victim to this sweet looking innocent girl who is the devil in disguise or a snake eater waiting for you to fall prey to her fangs. BE CAREFUL GUYS n GIRLS, find love elsewhere....Need to put this town on the map. Romania has become one of the largest growing scams using ebay, paypal, etc etc to cheat people out of their money. Some links below for your viewing and pictures. BEWARE!.... Here is one of the emails within 1 week period, after researching more, I found that she has a PAYPAL ACCOUNT connected to her email where she receives funds from other victims of her con: Nicolae OanaRaluca Aug 27 (1 day ago) to me Hi my sweet love...I am so glad to read your words..... I read my love about boxing match,mayweather wins,no??!! My mom wish the best for me my sweet...I speak with her before...and she told me that it will be a good thing for me to come there,beside you...and after,if we can to take her there,it will be nice!!! I really wish to come there my sweet,to be together there,hand by hand in life!!!!! And yes my love,my mom told me that we have Western Union office will need my details,name and country...but you have to write well and correct..because if is a little mistake at my name,or something like that...I cannot receive money from you...... my mom when hear that you 8/29/2017 Romania | manage posting 3/3 will send us money,she start to cry,she still dont believe that....You have to understand both my sweet...if never,nobody help us :(( So,I will give you my details my sweet... Surname : raluca ioana Name : dumitru Country : romania And you have even picture with my ID my sweet Woody!!!!! Sweet sweet kisses my love,have a wonderful Sunday !!!!! HUGS my sweet Woody GOOGLE-romania cybercrime to see list. DO YOUR RESEARCH!

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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