Scam report about Jessica Haward

First name:  Jessica
Last name:  Haward
Age:  38
Location:  Lakewood, USA
Phone:  253-254-6502
On websites:  Google
Report:  This report deals with Jessica Haward who fist mailed me at Singles Dating World, she is a very clever scammer but they all make mistakes. She was slow and easy, like a Russian scammer, few photos and just one pic allowed me to find her, she is using stolen photos from a facebook user. All of the usual, age is just a number and her love for me, she wrote very clean, respectable and decent letters until out of the blue she suddenly told me that she likes her sex Doggy fashion and liked to give blow jobs. Her later mails described how she had $13.5 million in gold bars which she wanted to send to me. 30% for me and incredible sex for the rest of my life. She was clever with her mails, she would mix them up so it was impossible for me to collate them in order, therefore I have had to send many of them separate with headings as to what they refer to, sorry.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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