Scam report about Emilly Harold

First name:  Emilly
Last name:  Harold
Aka:  Claudia Moona
Age:  29
Location:  Ghana Akkra
On websites:  Unknown
Report:  This person has been grooming my brother for the past ten months. Tonight he called me with an urgent request for $900. He has no money as he is on a disability pension and pretty much relies on family to help him through tough financial situations. At first he would not tell me why he needed the money...just that I had to get it to him immediately. I questioned him further and said I'd give him money but I had to know why. Then he told me he'd met a young Australian woman online who lived in Ghana, and worked for a non-profit agency helping people in Ghana. As of tonight she had to leave the country, and was coming to Canada to be with him, but needed $1000 to get through Canadian Immigration when she arrived in Toronto on Saturday.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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