Scam report about Tammy Wilson Lambert

First name:  Tammy
Last name:  Wilson Lambert
Aka:  Tammy Labert & Michael Raymond Brown
Age:  46
Location:  USA & London , England
Address:  123 Chance Avenue Potters Bar Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom.
Phone:  +1 (915) 231-0866????
On websites:  Google,
Report:  This report deals with Tammy Wilson Lambert who has her profile at Singles Dating World. She first contacted me there and to be quite honest I thought she was genuine, I have met lots of genuine ladies at the dating sites and many of them are close friends now. When I first saw Tammy?s photo I thought that God must have been having a bad day when he made her, she was ugly to say the least and after he made her I believe he then gave her a serious clump in the face with a coal shovel. I felt sorry for her so I sent her my whatsapp number. We began to chat and within minutes a bad smell started to come from my phone, she was a scammer for sure! She told me that she was a widow and that her husband was 80 when he died, she told me she was 46 but looks in her 60s, she told me that she was a first class Army Sargent but was unable to spell Sargent after 13 years in that career, She didn?t read my messages to her as I told her that I had recently lost my girlfriend to a heart attack and she replied ?Oh, that?s nice? Lol. Her knowledge of the English language is disgusting for a 1st class Army Sargent. Before she ever told me anything about herself she wanted to know the in?s and out?s about me and my life. Just little things like the above made me a little suspicious. This one spent days flooding me with love letters, wants to be my wife as soon as possible so she took early retirement, this was done in just a matter of minutes chat with her superior officer. Her discharge certificate is pathetic, worth reading for a good laugh though. She then had to travel to London to see her husband?s solicitors where she was informed that he had left her 12 gold bars saved from a mine he had owned there, the same day she told me that her solicitor was taking her on a trip to visit the mine, now I really was suspicious as there are no gold mines in my home country as far as I know, lol. She sent me a copy of her flight number ticket, EK 641, falsified as the printing is out of line and printed John F Kennedy to London. This would have been a little problem as that flight number is for Washington to Boston flights. She also told me that she had put the gold bars into a brief case and would bring them with her, she would have needed a fork truck to take the case to the plane and as for passing the x ray machine, well! Our conversations had gone on for many days now and it seemed that they would never end, all of her mails had been very prim and proper, every time I tried to throw sex into the conversation it was ignored by her and she would reply in a different context. Now to try and bring this to a conclusion I demanded pics of her vagina, to stay in the game she sent them (not a single wrinkle considering her age) so I had to continue the rubbish messages until the major disaster in London would occur! It happened at long last, she didn?t have enough money for the flight and she asked me to send her 775 pounds Sterling to cover it, the airline agent would only accept the payment if it was made via Western Union, fussy these days, Airlines! I leave the rest to you to muse over, you will never have read such rubbish in your lives.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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