Scam report about LUTRICIA SALADDIN

First name:  LUTRICIA
Last name:  SALADDIN
Aka:  Esther Adams
Age:  30
Location:  Accra, Ghana
Address:  Kanda Highway 15/20 Nima Accra 00233 Ghana
Phone:  233 24 008 0991, 233 24 544 1110
On websites:
Report:  First her name isn't Lutricia Saladdin, its Esther Adams aka Bethany Benz. She is or was a porn star at some point over the last couple of years. She lives currently in Accra, Ghana. She's on Instagram (where many of the photos you'll find come from) and has a FB account as well. It could be possible here picture was stolen and is being used by someone else doing the scamming. It is a common practice. All conversations start out great then the money needs and then sob story of her living situation and how her uncle is supporting her, she's in school for nursing in Ghana, how she was wronged by some guy in the states. She even faked an accident where her leg was broken and needed money for meds and to be discharged. Basically a series of lies to get you hooked emotionally. She's used videos from other porn stars passing them off as her for video chats. Beware

Status of report:  is still without proof

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