Scam report about Olga 

First name:  Olga
Aka:  merlina berger
Age:  26
Location:  ukraine vinnitsa kiev
On websites:  +50 dating websites such as. Dream-marriage, godatenow
Report:  I know Olga from dream-marriage where we have corrosponded in the past for several month. About 2 years ago we meet in kiev on a date in resturant in a basement somewhere 1km from maidan ( near river ). Olga was very beautifull and cute, and we had a good date that last 2 houres.. we both did not feel so good after being in the basment for 2 houres so we walk to maidan where our path split for that day. We spoke about meeting again other day. Next day I see olga together with a ukraine man on the main street of krematorsk and he flirted with her, and they walk away together to the subway. I sms her translator and she tell me is her friend and nothing is going on they are just friends.. Well i dont belive that since I saw how he touch her face and seem extremly happy ect.. I desided not to meet Olga again. Later i found out olga is EVERYWHERE on most dating websites and pretty much on all dating websites about russian/ukraine girls, from ukraine - hongkong and also escort websites. She is like the TOP 1 girl on all websites adn the girl. To be honest I want to belive olga is serious/real, but I also see on instagram she write a comment to a photo with a pancake house.. ( my boyfriend tell me that bla bla bla ) Dont know if she have a boyfriend but she is extremly attractive so very plausible. She is a top model, and have some kind of blog or something, and actual I dont really know who she is or what she do.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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