Scam report about Grace Thomas

First name:  Grace
Last name:  Thomas
Aka:  Lorrecoa
Age:  36
Location:  Syria and Afganistan
Phone:  tell you as soon as she tells me
Email:  tba
On websites:  Match
Report:  I was sent a message from scammer on match 7/10/17 and I recognised her face from somewhere but as soon as she sent me couple more photos I realised who she was as previously she tried to scam me before (before I knew of this site) BUT I have brilliant memory last time she said was a US army medic working in Syria and retiring from army in 4-5 weeks time, this time she told me she was US army medic in Afghanistan and retiring from,army in few months and both times claimed she's wanted to find someone to relocate too .. First time she called herself GRACE THOMAS this time her name was LORRECOA (Italian name) she clearly didn't remember me but I clearly remember every detail!! I search under scamme by website on this site and 2 listed scammers look incredibly like her most identical is call JANE THOMAS (note same surname face haircut) so I deliberately called her Jane in a mail and immd said oh sorry my mistake and she seemed to be shocked and shaken and said she unsure of something but was obv put back by this ..the other listed scammer which personally I can't tell differences in face I need you to look at both is JULIA TITOWA I am presently playing this scammer in aim of getting phone and email actually I have her mobile so will put in email with photos ..because she genuinely doesn't remember me she is oblivious to contradictions and that im already aware she as guilty as hell of scamming

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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