First name: Jennifer
Last name: Lopez
Aka: Jennifer Lopez
Age: 42
Location: Budapest, Hungary
Email: Unknown
On websites: Zoosk, Match 1
Report:     Claims her mother and father died in a car accident at a very early age and looks and lives with her grandmother, Wants to come to the country where you live for a better life, eventually tells you her father left her money in the form of gold but it is only obtainable from Ghana, tells you her grandmother has gone to Ghana to retrieve the gold so it is obtainable and she will share it with you to start a new life, the scam is she wants you to send money for a visa and medical to come to you,and the grandmother is stuck in Ghana because she can't pay for food, a hotel and she want you to send money to these men who her grandmother knows there, all men, be aware she is very crafty.
Status of report: is still without proof