Scam report about Kristina 

First name:  Kristina
Aka:  Natalya
Age:  35
Location:  Russia, Kirov
On websites:  Russian Cupid
Report:  Long term emailer but made so many excuses why we couldn't face to face chat Hi, xxxxx. I understand your readyness to take huge decision. We have had correspondence for many weeks already and we have grown in knowing of each other. I have sent you dozens of long thoughtful letters, where I tried to describe my personality, my usual life, my wishes and preferences, my interests and many other things. I tried to be open, persuasive, consistent in my writing, because there was nothing for me to hide from you. I have also sent you lots of photos of me, which show me in different occasions. I guess all those things might show that I am real person! I try to understand that you still don't believe me and you need to get additional proofs from me. Just think that I have never asked you to prove your personality. I am the kind of person who can feel people from their words. I could see you have been honest with me and the way you write me your letters was very cogent. You want to have video conversation in Skype. Of course we can use Skype or yahoo messenger as an additional way of communication, but are you sure it will let you to trust me more than you do now? I think trust is something that you have in your heart from the beginning. And if there vibrations of doubts in your heart, I guess you will never trust me. We may have a chatting by connecting to one of those programms, but I should repeat that I don't have webcam. We can only talk and write instant messages to each other. If you agree, let's do it. For you to know, I am also honorable woman and my intentions are clear and sincere.. I don't push you to believe me if you can't do that with your heart. I never push you to have correspondence with me. You are free person and you may do anything you wish.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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