SCAM REPORT ABOUT  rosine smith

First name: rosine
Last name: smith
Age: unknown
Report:     I thank you for your very kind response to my email,indicating your willingness to assist me transfer this funds for investment purposes in your country or any country that you will recommend, am well impressed by your person and I feel I have found the right person, but time will tell, as you know, the success of this transaction will depend on our total mutual trust and you must promise that you will keep it secret within yourself. I want everything to be clear to you right now but you have to read carefully.The deal is all about the money I made here, and I have it kept safely in a box. Due to the United Nation policy on Afghanistan, there is a plan to move some troops out of Afghanistan so I will be among the people that will be moving out. I cannot take this money to the United States because since they know me as military personnel, they will want to know how I come about it. For this reason, I have made an arrangement for a Red Cross diplomat agent to move this fund. The question is who will be in charge of the money in my absence? This is exactly why I need your help. I want to guarantee you that you will not stand any risk in this as I have mapped out the strategy to have this box moved out of here safely Through Diplomatic have to keep everything confidential till you receive the fund as a consignment. I must not fail to explain to you how I came across this fund I want you to use for investment. our soldiers had encounter and exchanged bullets with some gunmen and eventually three of our soldiers were injured in the event while over sixteen of the gunmen were killed, as a nurse in the army. I and my group rushed to give medical attention to our men who were injure at the spot where the sixteen gun men were shot to dead, I saw two trunks and showed it to my fellow and we decided to force of the trunks open and discovered huge amount of dollars in it and we did the same to the other trunk and saw the same thing and we quickly took the trunks. Finally, I want you to stand as the beneficiary and receive the fund and keep it safe so that as soon as i come to your country, you will assist me to invest it in a good profitable venture,I will give you 20% of the total money for the assistance after you have receive the money.I believe I can trust you.your friend gave me your mail,told me you are to be trusted, due to my work i am forbidden to tell you who gave me your mail.. Where we are now we can only communicate through our military communication facilities, which are secured so no body can monitor our emails, then I can explain in details to you. I will only reach you through email, because the control unit monitor all calls, I just have to be sure whom I am dealing with. Please if you can handle it, let me know so that i will furnish you on the way forward. Please send your information so that i will furnish you on the modality to follow. Your Name:________________________ Your Address_______________________ Your Phone Number__________________ Your Occupation____________________ Your Age___________________________ Your Nearest Airport__________________ Your country________________________ Regards, Sgt. Rosine Smith
Status of report: is still without proof