Scam report about Coralie Crespiniere

First name:  Coralie
Last name:  Crespiniere
Aka:  Skye
Age:  32
Location:  Quimper, FRANCE
Phone:  unknown 336 446 62 438
On websites:
Report:  I completed report but pressed submit and got thrown off site so sorry if repeat....i was approached by scammer Coralie on she had no profile picture which is an initial alarm bell but after couple emails she wanted use hangouts or skype but I don't have so we went on WhatsApp firstly on match she said in ROME Italy working then on WhatsApp said in Quimper, in France..after literally and truthfully she said if I come to your place will I buy her airfare, knowing already blatent scam I agreed and looked up airfare for air France and came back with true cost of ?148 which I said I will pay for and arrange everything from my home and all she has do I get on the plane BUT she became extemly upset and said basically only way she will come to see me is if I send her the money and she'll buy flight and has to be ?300 flight and travel by train to airport ..i laughed at her impatience of money demand said I knew all along she was scammer and blocked her as i wasn't going to get more helpful info but got her phots which I will email seperately as soon as given new report number

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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