First name: Mery
Last name: Clark
Aka: Mubarick Salis,Joycelyn Rockerfeller, Ann Angel
Age: 34
Location: Ghana - Kumasi
Address: Adnam - Kumasi, Kumasi, Ghana
Phone: 023355447429
On websites: Outlook and linkedin
Report:     This woman preys on people from Kumasi in Ghana. She use many names the ones I have are Mery Clark - Ann Angel - Joycelyn Rockerfeller. She operated primarily on Linkedin as Joycelyn Rockerfeller and after a few days admitted that her name was Mery Clark. She has been removed from Linkedin by their safety team who told me she was flagged up as a risk and therefore would not have here on the site. Ann Angel/Mery Clark is known by a Federal Agency as being a Prolific Romance Scammer using many names and locations. I will be getting in touch with this federal agency to add my complaint of theft to there records and do all I can to ensure she is caught. I hold physical evidence and money gram receipts. She has phoned me on numerous occasions and has an Afrikan or disguised accent which sometimes slips. With the evidence I hold which is going to the authorities she is a thief and a scammer and must be stopped. People must be alerted to this as she is evil in the extreme I HAVE NUMEROUS PHOTO'S THAT SHE HAS SENT ME BUT SEE NO WAY OF UPLOADING THEM HERE !! PLEASE ADVISE ??
Status of report: is still without proof