First name: Sonia
Last name: McMurray
Aka: Nicole Sonia
Age: 29
Location: I suspect Philippines
Phone: +61 499 191 905, +61 458 288 811
On websites: Google+, Mingle2
Report:     Approached me for chat and messaged for a couple of days, innocently. She then gave me a profile list of likes, dislikes, favourites, turn-offs etc, asked for the same. I felt as though she was scrutinising me for compatibility - seemed innocent. She then asked me to setup Viber on my phone, which I did. After a few short exchanges, (photos and stickers), she voice called my phone through Viber and said she wanted to hear my voice personally, I suspected a Filipino accent, though she claimed she was from New Zealand, but I couldn't detect a NZ accent. Then she sent me a screen shot of a bank account holding over $12.6M in her name, from NatWest bank. It was an inheritance from her father's estate and she was going to have it settled and have the funds released soon. She explained that she was looking for an older man that has some business experience that can help her invest this money and secure a future. 2 days later she was on the way to the bank, in a meeting, to release the funds and transfer them into a working account. She sent me a link to the bank, gave me her login and password and asked me to verify that it was all legitimate and she was being honest. (This aroused my suspicions) When I got home a couple of hours later, I followed the link she had sent to my phone and opened it on my PC. My immediate concern was that the login page was not a secure (HTTPS://) site and the link was actually for whereas NatWest bank is I searched whois for westernbankonlinetf and found it registered to someone in USA. I checked the sourcecode of the site and found it had been made with a low quality wysiwyg web page program. I then trace3d the ownership of the phone she was using to Viber-call me on and found it was registered by Telstra in Australia to a Sonia McMurray Later that afternoon she Viber-called me and sounded very upset. She told me that the Australian Government was not going to release the funds until she paid $3500 in stamp duty and other fees. I told her it was nearly Christmas and this was not a good time for unexpected financial expenses and she would have to wait a couple of weeks. Her photos are of Angely Dub, taken from the internet. Once I confirmed she was scamming me, I terminated all correspondence with her and told her not to contact me again.
Status of report: is still without proof