Scam report about Mary Dele

First name:  Mary
Last name:  Dele
Age:  33
Location:  Nigeria, Osun Ilesa
Address:  unknown area code 234
Phone:  234 703 840 4410
Email:  I have no email to contact her
On websites:  Facebook
Report:  Mary Dele was in my friend request box on FB, and I did the rare thing of accepting it, curious of what it would be, thinking ultimately that it would be just another post on the site.however she contacted me and we got the talkin'.soon the conversation got more intense as we talked about our future together. Day two she was asking for iTunes gift cards, which I bought 25 dollars worth and sent it. Soon she told me about separate food situations and I sent her about 125 or 150, I can't remember off the to of my head. Red light did go off, but I made a conscious decision and would deal with the consequence later. She asked a couple more times and being the nice guy I gave here what I could spare, each times and a money gram. We had also talked about me bringing her here to the states from nigeria and other more intimate things. However, seeing where this was headed, I began to be frank with her about the money, trying to push her next move, but giving her an opportunity to live here with me. She accepted but a friend helped me to keep my head on straight. Tried to quietly to challenge her, do video chats and whatnot, but things would

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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