Scam report about Anastasija Endyletowa

First name:  Anastasija
Last name:  Endyletowa
Aka:  Nastia
Age:  29
Location:  Maza and yur'ovo....Nizhny Novgorod Oblast
On websites:  Unknown
Report:  The letters I've gotten from Anastasija are basically identical to the ones sent to Wayne, Logan and Carl In some cases, over 50 % of certain emails are copied word for word. As far as her background and history, she's used the same exact tactic on all of us. Lives in a remote village, no cell service and the only internet is internet cafe. She works as a nurse and races to internet cafe everyday after work. She sells her room for $1000, and is totally believable at this point.of course a few days latter she informs all of us she is short of funds and tried everything. Loans, selling furniture, etc. Same exact scenario in all 4 cases. I was smart enough to not send her a dime and even though I've known this is a scam since October, I'm still milking this thing....and until finding this website this morning, I was keeping blind hope she really was truthful about everything. The last month she hasn't written one letter with any substance. They say basically the same thing over and much she loves me, misses me, how she can't be without me any longer.blah, blah, blah I wasn't 100% convinced she was a fraud until today. Thank you I'm guessing I probably would have risked the $512 just to take the possible chance of being with this girl. Warning....this girl is really good. Portrays innocence and looks the part in most of her pics. Probably the sweetest girl I've ever met. Unfortunately, it was all fake. I feel good solving the case. Thank again

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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