Scam report about Sarah Lola Mills

First name:  Sarah Lola
Last name:  Mills
Age:  27
Location:  Altama, Georgia, USA, West Australia, London & Nigeria
Address:  Name- Sarah Lola Mills Country- Nigeria State- Lagos Zip code- 23401
On websites:  Google
Report:  Once upon a time there was a beautiful American Princess named Sarah Lola Mills. Sarah was so lovely to the eye, long blonde hair, wonderful face, firm breasts, wine glass figure and luring child bearing hips, she was also fortunate enough to have had a Daddy who had passed away and left her $17.000.000, a trifle sum but enough to pay for her fags and booze forever. Sadly Sarah despite her looks and fortune couldn?t find a man so she enrolled at Mingle 2 in search of her Prince. At this site she surfed and surfed until she found the man of her dreams. Sadly for Sarah he was an evil man who would do his very best to bring poor Sarah down. Back to reality; I did an IP search and the mails were coming from Nigeria, she also told me that she travelled extensively and gave me the name of a district and road somewhere in Africa. I Google Earth searched this locality and it came back to a place called Ljegun in Nigeria. Her mails were very good, her photos lovely and untraceable. She only made one mistake in regards to these and that was that she didn?t read my mails and hers were pre written as she slipped up and sent me the same mail twice. Suddenly she had to travel to London to tend to her Mother who was dying of skin cancer and Mum would also help Sarah to obtain her Fathers fortune. Sarah arrived in London on the 11th of December 2017 and was kind enough to send me a photo of her with Big Ben in the background and also a video, the hands on Big Ben said 15 minutes to 2pm, and it was a fine day in the photo, in actual fact the weather there was disgusting, overcast and snowing. On the 21st of August 2017 Big Bens clock was stopped at midnight for a long and slow renovation job, the Tower was also scaffolded, there is no scaffolding in her photo. Suddenly Sarah was on the move again this time to Nigeria in search of her fortune, she asked me to help her with $675.00 to pay for her accommodation in Nigeria, I was asked to send it by Western Union. Back to the fairy tale; Sarah and the evil man had swapped sex chat on the net and the evil man was pissed because Sarah would not be with singing Carols at Christmas so the evil man asked Sarah to drop her panties for him and take photos (in truth she was getting on my nerves and usually once one asks for sexy pics the long awaited address comes and the case can be closed) Sarah took the photos but some evil power gave them all Smiley heads, once the evil man had these the bastard sent her to spam, lol.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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