Scam report about Debora Nyamekye

First name:  Debora
Last name:  Nyamekye
Aka:  Sylvia
Age:  33
Location:  Accra, Ghana
Address:  601 High Ave W
Phone:  233560479683
On websites:  Plenty of Fish (POF)
Report:  Debora Sylvia Nyamekye DOB December 17th 1984 (She used this date to convince me to send 50.00, well she wanted more that is all I sent. I knew she was probably scamming but I guess I wanted to play along. Age 33 Sex Female Status: Currently living in Ghana, going to school for sales and marketing with dreams of becoming an accountant. Supposedly graduating December 22, 2017. (Which is where I had had enough when she asked for money for her graduation party.) Goal to move to U.S. under romantic pretense, or just scam money from some sap. Currently studying to become and accountant graduating with a degree in sales and marketing. Story: Met her on, out of the blue she requested a request an email and to chat on Google Hangouts. Around the 15th of December 2017, is when she first messaged me and we started to talk on Hangouts, her going into a long list of qualities she was looking for and asking me what I was looking for. We played off of each other, she is either very well spoken when writing or working from a script or copying pasting, or a very fast typist because the paragraphs were coming fast and furious. After a time the subject of her birthday came up which is where she first asked for money, she was a quick mover because at one point I was already getting fed up as the story she used was similar to another woman from Ghana. The story she gave was how she had been hurt and was never going to find a man again. But then her friend found a man and now they are soul mates living in Canada. So her friend made her and account so she could find hers too. Well I guess I made here worry so she actually called me and spoke a bit, sounded like she was reading from a script, it may have just been the accent. Anyhow after we got suddenly disconnected she said it had cost her the last of her money, $20 dollars, maybe she meant Cedi. Anyhow after back and forth and me getting fed up a couple times I went ahead and sent it just to see what happened. First there was an uproar cause I wouldn't send more than 50 U.S. but she said whatever you can do, sent the information to a Debora Nyamekye from Accra Ghana, zip code 00233 lol. So we continue to talk etc, everything is going well she thinks, keeps sending me pictures, I won't lie I was fishing her too for information and motives. Today on the 19th of December she made her second request for money to celebrate her supposed graduation and she had no money to do it. This was the final straw when I ceased contact, So very few days where she fell in love

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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