Scam report about Sonia Ohuro

First name:  Sonia
Last name:  Ohuro
Age:  40
Location:  ?
Phone:  ?+44 7762 414712
Email:  ?
On websites:  Google
Report:  Report I APOLOGIZE FOR THE EXTREME FILTH IN MY CONVERSATIONS WITH THIS BLACKMAILER, THEY WERE NEEDED AS THIS GUY/WOMAN IS CLEVER AND DANGEROUS. Deals with Sonia Oduro a Ghanaian who says she is in London, England. He/she called me at whatsapp and told me she had got my number from Love 24.Net, I can find no trace of her there as I believe that she uses another identity at this site. I apologize for saying this is a scammer in my preliminary report, it is definitely not. This is a very experienced and dangerous blackmailer. She called me at whatsapp with a British phone number and checked me out with a video call, the woman on my screen was porn star Aria Giovanni, it was one of Giovanni?s ready made videos which are ideal for scammers, she appeared to be talking to me and when I spoke she gave correct answers at first, I.E. I said ?Hello? and she replied ?Hello, nice to meet you? after a few more seconds the sound from her end died and she reverted to typed messages but still with the video playing, her typing was perfectly coordinated with the time it took the message to reach me. Very clever! I asked for her email and she replied asking me if I had hangouts and asked for my address. She called me there and started talking sex followed up by some nude photos of her, then came a GIF of her moving nude. During our chat she told me that she lived and was in London, England, she told me that her parents lived a ten minute drive away, I asked where they lived in London and she told me Coventry Road, Birmingham. These locations are about 180 miles apart, lol. At this point she started video chats at first dressed but no sound, she told me she had a problem with her tablet. The videos reverted to her undressing, balancing her breasts and finally kneeling on a chair and showing me her ass and vagina from front and behind, all of the time she was asking me to join in and show her my penis. Typed of course and I was being recorded. There were a total of 15 videos, all different. She suggested that I should go to London as soon as possible so we could have sublime and wonderful sex together. I told her I would take a plane the next day. At this she said she would go and tell her parents that she was coming to me in Brazil for Christmas, I offered to send her $5000.00 for her first class air flight. She wasn?t interested and told me she needed virtual sex at that moment, still asking me to undress and show her my penis. I sent her a couple of still photos of an extremely well hung guy from a site called ?Old men, Big cocks? lol. At this point she said she was going to visit her parents. Ten minutes later she told me she had seen them and was back at home, Lewis Hamilton must have been driving her, lol. I tried the cash offer again but she wasn?t interested at all, just wanted virtual sex, I told her that I had company and she asked that we do this when my company had left. I blocked her at this stage of the game. My system of recording video calls is not very good and the videos are of poor quality, I shall attach all 15 however if possible. This guy is DANGEROUS!

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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