Scam report about JOEL BARAJAS

First name:  JOEL
Last name:  BARAJAS
Age:  26
Location:  SIRYA
On websites:  planetaromeo
Report:  My dearest Jorge, it is so hard for me to tell you this because I do not want you to misunderstand me or stop communicating with me, because in my heart I see a bright future with you and I want to live so happily with that, but am taking my chance to open up to you and I pray that you please understand and do not abandon me, you have come to become a life hope for me, thank you for giving me this opportunity to confide in you in this, I am sure our communication so far has built trust in my heart to confide in you in this. Here with me in Syria, I have a box which contains my personal things, Gold worth millions of dollars and cash worth over $3.500,000 and some private documents that will be used for my resignation , My Love I know you will be wondering how I came about this money, I didn't steal this money, I have never stolen in my entire life, this money came to me as a gift to me by Adib Mayaleh, Governor of the Central Bank of Syria since 2005, Who was recently appointed as the minister of economy and foreign trade, and Mamoun Hamdan, who was executive director of the Damascus Stock Exchange, Who was appointed finance minister. when My Squad was sent on a Mission based on a Intel we got that the Rebel wants to attack and kill him and his family because he was a great asset to the U.S Army and We saved his family from possible killing by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and Kurdish factions with al-Qaeda Yesterday, he did a confession on how the top Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) group and Top officials of the U.S Military have been using him as means of keeping weapons and money which are used to harm people. He turned over all the evidence to me and two colleagues that went to visit him... we returned all these to our camp commandant with expectation that he will report it to the USA government, he reported the ammunition but kept the money and the Raw Gold that was recovered from Adib Mayaleh and Mamoun Hamdan to himself. When such things are recovered and turned to the US government, there is always a congratulation note from the usa government to those who were able to risk their life for this, we waited for some days to weeks without any note from our government, then I started to get worried and decided on my own to find out why. One day I went to the tent of my camp commandant, in his drawer I found some documents which are evidence of offshore accounts he opened in foreign countries, houses he bought and cars, ETC... I was amazed and shocked... this simply means that our Commandant is using us, how can we risk our life and he is getting the benefits? because he knows that anything sent out of a war zone by a soldier at war will not be checked by any authority in as much as it is accompanied by a red cross or a licensed diplomat that runs a legal security company until it has reached the final receiver. My dear, this act of my camp commandant opened my eyes and my head, my colleagues and I decided that since no one knows about our gift, we should use the opportunity as well, we need good life too once we get out of here, ... I know this sound strange or scaring to you, but I want you to know that it is 100% risk free and that my name will be on the box as the sender, all you need to do for me is to receive this box for me, once you have received it, I will then advise you on what to do with the documents in the box which will bring me out of here and I come to you to begin a good life... I am also proposing to share this money 40% for you and 60% for me, please do not think am trying to buy you over, you do not know about this money and our love have grown for each other so much, so money can not buy love or what we feel for each other, I am sharing or offering the % from my heart to show you or prove to you that I truly care and willing to share with you, the sharing % does not affect my affection for you in any way... and it should not affect you too, if it is not okay by, please feel free to tell me what you want, and I will think about it... all I want is to get out of this dangerous war zone and begin a new life with you as my loving sweet husband. My sweet loving husband, I PLEAD with you in the name of the strong affection we share for each other that you should please keep this whole discussion between us... I do not want you to discuss this with anyone for security reasons as you know I am still on service. All I need from you to begin this whole process is you, full name, home address, mobile or direct phone number, I know I have your email address, but I do not want to use it without your consent, you may think about this if you want, as I will not want to force you into it, I want your assistance to come out of your affection mind and heart for me, but just know that right now as I write to you, we have a Red Cross and United Nations Private Jets which I will like us to use their services before they leave here and I will not know when another will come... the best time to do this is now or I may loose this opportunity, like the saying, Make Hay while the sun shines, please prove to me that you care so much for me as much as I care for you, please my dearest one, make my wish come true just as you said to me on your email. You are part of my life, please darling I will appreciate that you give me the benefit of doubt because this has worried me so much and I want to share it with you because I see myself having a sweet time in the nearest future and I feel secret should not be kept among us, I cry with tears as I write this to you, I really need your help or assistance please I beg you.... I hope your next email to me will come with the information to register the box... thank you for reading this and for keeping it all up with you, be sure it will be 100% success... Kisses darling. Captain Joel Barajas of Commander Officer (C.O) of the 2nd Brigade , 82nd Air Division. Id Number : AR- 4150 Pay Grade: 0-3 Rank : Captain Afficher le message d?origine

Status of report:  is still without proof

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