Scam report about Charis kynigou

First name:  Charis
Last name:  kynigou
Aka:  assumed an ID, stollen, have a real picture.
Age:  35
Location:  London
On websites:  TINDER
Report:  Hi xxx I need you to understand that i am very passionate about this investment and what a coincidence to meet you on Tinder. It is quite unfortunate that we did not at least have a face to face meeting to discuss the modalities. I will be available for a personal trip by the end of August and that will be too late to discuss this purpose taking the cut-off date into consideration. I need to know if you want to do this or not, this is our opportunity to be wealthy not just for ourselves but for the less privileged. I am sharing a lot with you, trusting you and following my instinct. I will attempt explaining more about this via email {In lieu of having a physical meeting to discuss sufficiently} I did mention that the proposed set of processes required to accomplish this task will be obtained through proper legal channels which confers legitimacy on the entire process. Please keep in mind that these documents will go through the most stringent standard of scrutiny during the bank's verification process and if they are confirmed as legitimate and issued by competent courts, who then are we to ask questions regarding legitimacy? If the courts have approved of them, the bank is in no position to question court orders. Every legal documentation which includes the court letters of probate required to present you as the appointed administrator by the family of the deceased and to see you through the bank application process shall be obtained on your behalf by me through a competent estate attorney and sent to you for the final application. The attorney shall also write the necessary application letters through his office to the specified bank unit in charge for quick processing. It will all work under my leadership. So you really need not worry because i have a huge stake in this as well, what affects you shall also affect me. I care also very much about my integrity and security and will do everything to protect this. Please keep this in mind always. When a customer dies and either doesn't have a nominated next of kin or has left a Will that cannot be proven (for example, if the Will's Executor has died), an application for Letters of Administration may need to be made. Due to the sensitive nature of private banking most customers do not nominate next of kin's and it leaves the bank stumped when no immediate family member comes forward to make a claim. In this case there are no available family members who are privy to the investment information and they never will as the bank does not disclose such information in a bid to avoiding a multiplicity of frivolous applications. Furthermore, when an interested member of family comes forward to the bank with a notice of this investment, there is a presumption of legitimacy and that is the edge we have. I also have the Time Certificate of Deposit (TCD) which was kept with me by Mr Keanu. This is the key instrument to filing a claim for the investment without which no action for claim can be instituted. Now for the purpose of processing this claim the bank requires 3 vital documentations according to the probate rules mainly the certificate confirmation that the customer is deceased, a Letter of Administration granted by a local court, appointing a family member as the legal administrator and the original TCD. These are the most vital documentations although the bank may request further documents. I assure once more that there are no risks involved speaking from my professional experience and a position of authority within the bank in particular. The only possible risk is not making the most of this opportunity and that largely depends on us if we fail to reach an agreement. I have committed so many years of my professional career to Piraeus bank, so i know what obtains around here. It is not an uncommon occurrence to have such abandoned funds within Cyprus banks. As a matter of fact we have thousands of dormant and abandoned accounts declared by my bank yearly and so it is with every other bank in the country. Cyprus is well known for offshore banking with so many foreigners choosing to invest here due to many key benefits and relaxed Tax laws. Some customers scarcely operate these account, so It is not uncommon to have dormant accounts every now and then. What happens when these funds are declared abandoned and channeled to the bank's accounting system is best known to the Board of directors. Further, be informed that the directors are never aware of the existence of these accounts until declared abandoned by various units within the bank. We handle the day to day running and we know, they remain unaware until reports are issued from the various departments. We are mandated to have these reports ready by the end of the month, hence the rush and my hectic schedule. We are only going to make an application for the funds with you as the legal administrator to the estate and once this is done, the funds remain attached to the bank and undeclared until a final decision is reached by the department in charge of accessing these claims. Please note that the action as regards putting an application on your behalf will be done with recourse to proper legal and bank administrative channels, i reinstate. Any agreement will be respected in all points (by my side) and be rest assured that there are no intentions of disappointing or of getting you into any trouble. Again, the worse possible repercussion if this fails to succeed is having the proposed application disapproved by the bank. There are countless applications made to my bank as well as to all other banks daily just as you receive tens of similar proposals and not all of them fall within the four corners of law. The bank certainly is in no position to go after every of such applications. It can only ensure by strengthening against security breaches and working to make sure that applications go through very stringent verification processes. The bank is never interested in undertaking prosecutions for each of these attempts. I hope the above is of assistance. Best regards.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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