Scam report about Annabel Lorenza

First name:  Annabel
Last name:  Lorenza
Aka:  Mary Lorenza
Age:  31
Location:  London, UK & Dakar, Senegal
Address:  First Name............ Mary Surname............... Lorenza,37 Grand Yoff, State, Dakar Country,Senegal
Phone:  00221776066778
On websites:  Google
Report:  Report deals with Annabel Lorenza a clever scammer at Love 24.Net. Annabel is using stolen photos of Deborah Lee Lorenzana, the girl who was sacked from Citibank, London several years ago for being too sexy. Annabel made contact with at Love 24.Net and left me her mail address, she said that she was based in London, UK. She was actually using a Cyber Cafe in Dakar, Senegal. Her real name is Mary Lorenza. By way of a change it was her that started the sex chat and she was very good at it, the scammer actually being a woman probably made it easier and more authentic. Annabel made few little mistakes until I asked her for an intimate photo and sent her one of a guy at a site called ?Old me, Big cock?s?, she was very clever with her choice of models to use at Photoshop, both with perfect skin complexion that matched Deborah Lee Lorenzana and she stopped writing for almost a day, I guess she was busy making her two Photoshop pics. The mistakes that she made here were that she allegedly took the photos just for me, she said she had never done this before. One photo had blonde head hair and the other black. She was a little too clever with her photos of the intimate body parts as well, both had a small written tattoo on the left foot. When I expanded these foot photos the writing was different, (comparison attached) there are also several moles around the vagina which are not compatible in the photos. In the Photoshop pic with the black hair I found the head she had used at Deborah Lee Lorenzana?s personal page. I had known that she was a scammer since I saw her false pics at Love 24.Net so I asked her to come and live with me and she agreed, I offered to pay her air fare and she asked me to send it by Western Union. I broke off contact at this stage. I rest my case, lol

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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