First name: Debbie
Last name: Michael
Aka: Judy Owen
Age: 30
Location: Queen Anne, Seattle WA
Phone: 447031993855
On websites: craigslist personals
Report:     She calls herself Debbie Michael. She says she is 30 years old and resides in Queen Anne, Seattle WA. Hometown Perth, Australia. Says she graduated from Notre Dame with a major in Accounting. 5'7, 140lbs, with an athletic build. Dad is a native in Australia and Mom is staying in the UK. She claims a Hi-Tech pipeline explosion in Nigera,Africa, killed her father and she is going to visit her mother to meet with lawyers regarding a settlement that is being given to her. She requested that I remove my personal ad from the site just a few days after correspondence. She expressed feelings of love to me which I did NOT reciprocate. I was suspicious of her by the second email exchange but continued to correspond with her over the course of 10 days. She claims her mother has skin cancer. She became angry with me when I responded to her with a short message asking when she would be coming back. I googled her messages and everything she said was cut and pasted into messages to me. Her grammar was very poor. She sent pictures to me. She has gone by the alias Judy Owen and probably many others. I found the letters that matched our correspondence.
Status of report: is still without proof