Scam report about Roseline Hook

First name:  Roseline
Last name:  Hook
Age:  ?
Location:  ?
Email: &
On websites:  Google & Yahoo
Report:  Roseline Hook contacted me out of the blue, I have no idea whatsoever where she got me from or come to that where she is from except that an IP search at your site says the mails are coming from California. Roseline is using a very old photo that she stole from facebook, the real owner of the face has only one photo there and appears not to have used the account for a very long time. The facebook lady has sadly aged but a comparison photo will show that the woman and the scammer have a mole on the left cheek and are the same person. She later sent me one other photo of a completely different girl. Roseline comes up on many pages on the net including Russian and sex Badoo ones, I could only find one other photo of her on the lesbian pages. Roseline showered me love and the desire to come to me in Brazil, once I agreed to this Roseline suddenly had a controller who would deal with all arrangements including informing me that I would be subject to all costs. Once the controller had contacted me I broke contact due to an overloaded inbox of scammers, lol.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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