Scam report about Juliet Breen

First name:  Juliet
Last name:  Breen
Age:  ?
Location:  USA & Accra, Ghana
Address:  Name:Joseph Kanatey Country:Ghana City:Accra Zipecode:00233
On websites:  Google
Report:  This report deals with Juliet Breen a Mingle 2 client who is using photos stolen from the net of a Prostitute. In our Mingle chat she said that she was in The States, Unfortunately I do not have a copy of her Mingle profile and the only pics that I have to prove that she is using stolen photos is from our Mingle chat. We started to chat at Mingle and then moved to gmail, here the photo from Instagram was no longer used and she started to send me photos of Janessa Brazil. Now somewhere along the line I lose the photos of Janessa Brazil that she sent me so I abandon this enquiry. Today, some weeks later she began to contact me again and to be quite honest I didn?t know who she was, I searched my computer and could only come with scraps of a report so I decided to dive in head first. I played stupid and asked her why she had left me and why she had changed her name from Janessa to Juliet, lol. I pretended that we had been lovers and lived together in the past, must have really confused the poor bastard, I went on to say that our cats and dogs missed her and that I still had the money that we had saved together, God knows what was going through the scammers mind because my mail tracking told me she read my mail 14 times. I told her that I wanted her back here with me and she said that if I would send her the money she would come. I asked her to prove she still loved me and the sexy pics flowed, lol I broke contact with her at this stage.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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