Scam report about Elizaveta Genrih

First name:  Elizaveta
Last name:  Genrih
Aka:  Elizabeth Heinrich, Elizaveta Genrikh, Liza, Lisa
Age:  25
Location:  Ukraine, Brovary, Kiev, Kherson
Phone:  +380637649725
On websites:,,,,
Report:  The person using this account is not the woman picture. I started communicating with this lady and her feelings quickly moved to being serious confessing love and wanting to meet in person. I sent this lady some flowers and got her a birthday present but she could never tell in detail what the card said or what kind of boots I got her for her birthday present. The actual lady that these photos belong to received the gifts. The actual lady that the photos belong to is not an innocent in this matter. She knows what is going on. I was contacting her through text messages and other chat services and she received the gifts warmly and played along. When inconsistencies where noticed I sent her multiple messages asking if she was really the person on this website, none of which she responded to.The person that is using the profile was always giving inconsistencies about many things and when questioned she would always play it off. When I finally confronted the lady using the profile, after finally receiving a message from Elizaveta Genrih on VK about not being the woman I was talking to, and that she was in a relationship with someone, she quickly ended the relationship and made excuses for all the inconsistencies. Elizaveta Genrih did pass on information to the lady using this account. The photo she sent to verify that she got the flowers I sent her, she said that the other two items (fruit basket and teddy bear she did not have a photo of). Yet the photo that she sent had both items clearly in the photo. The problems started when the real Elizaveta Genrih started blocking communication from other sites. The person I was talking to had no idea what I was asking about and quickly tried to change the subject. When I confronted her about the comments made on VK she replied that it was right to say such things. When I mentioned what was said by Elizaveta Genrih she quickly back tracked and started saying things that made no sense and finally said we needed to take a break. At best this lady is Elizaveta Genrih but she has no interest in having a relationship. Her only concern is to keep you communicating only on that site and continue to make a living while making you believe she loves you. At worst the profile was created by Elizaveta Genrih for a payment and all communication is done by other people that have to get in contact with her. Getting her to talk about anything of substance is near impossible, all she wants to do is tell you how you make her feel and how much she is falling in love with you. I have enclosed some of her emails and the screen shot of the message Elizaveta Genrih sent me on VK. Talk to her at your own risk, as she has no serious intentions of having a relationship or marriage. She is just there to earn money and live in her dream world of pretending to love while you continue to spend money thinking and hoping that it is real.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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