Scam report about Leslie Zink

First name:  Leslie
Last name:  Zink
Age:  30
Location:  Atlanta, Georgia and Huntsville Alabama
Address:  University of Alabama
On websites:  Hangouts
Report:  Again another one saying found my profile on livedatingclub dot com, just another one I played for simply fact, I?m not registered on this site, even I checked just to see but tend to get many from West Africa and Russia that says I am, but even though I know with an address in the states they never are...they being these scam criminals trying to get a free meal ticket...I don?t understand that I always give them the information on where to go to get their free bag of rice from food drop planes provided by the U.N, I think us Americans are paying enough in taxes for our government to keep handing out aid to such places...and boo who, if I don?t sheed a tear cause you live on 300 dollars a month and your economy takes half for a flat (apartment) and a gallon of milk cost two bucks...look everyone deserves a better life, but to steal, be conniving, to out right lie, to use god as saying you speak honesty, your only bring god?s wrath plus he?ll on earth your way, I never speak about this site to these people but wish they get the hint cause god about to make them a cooked goose.! Fucking scamming scam people.! Singed..very annoyed

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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