Scam report about Natasha Putria

First name:  Natasha
Last name:  Putria
Aka:  Karina, Inga, Christine Zakharova.
Age:  30
Location:  ???????, Kharkiv Oblast, Ukraine
Address:  My full name: Putria Natalia My adress: Ukraine, 63701, Kharkov region, Zolochev, Sadovaya str., 3/13
On websites:  Outlook
Report:  Ukranian/Russian scammer who I traced to several sex, Escort and Prostitute sites on the internet. I cannot positively identify her however. She was very free with her photos that she sent to me. One photo that she sent to me was of her with The Seattle, Washington Big Wheel in the background, Having positively identified it by the pier construction and a lamp post in the right of the photo I asked her in a mail about her travel experiences, she replied telling me that she had never been abroad in her life and was looking forward to the experience. Knowing that she was scamming I asked her to come and live with me telling her that I would pay her air fares. She agreed immediately and she looked into the cost. She asked me to send her $1400.00. I suggested that I transfer by computer direct to her account but she suggested that Western Union or Moneygram would be a better alternative.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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