Scam report about Tatiana Brazhnik

First name:  Tatiana
Last name:  Brazhnik
Age:  28
Location:  Ukraine, Harkiv region, 64300, Izyum city.
Address:  Ukraine, Harkiv region, 64300, Izyum city, Sobornaya street, 24/15 / and / Izium, Klenovaya Street 28.(Ukraine)
Phone:  call me +380996118469 / and / phone number is +380956909550
Email: /
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Report:  letters for stop-scammers,about Tatiana Brazhnik from 26/10/2017 to 09/12/2017 14 de enero de 2018, 13:14 Gerardo Morals Letters for stop-scammers, about Tatiana Brazhnik, from 26/10/2017 to 09/12/2017, approximately Good morning, I send you copies of some of the e-mails received from Tatiana Brazhnik and the Travel Agency with which she said that she managed her alleged trip, whose address and telephone number I also wrote and the name of her sender, Olga. In some of her e-mails, Tatiana Brazhnik refers to Nadia, who is a Ukrainian friend of mine who lives in Spain and whom I asked for help and advice during my attempt to contact this woman, Tatiana Brazhnik. And yet, she deceived us, both to me and to his compatriot Nadia. Gerard Antonio Morals ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Foto del perfil de ------------- Good morning, my beloved Gerard! You are such a fine fellow, you are so clever! Dear, I still hope that you will take care of this matter! My beloved, I have no medical insurance. And rarely any of the Ukrainians it is. Medicine at us paid, certainly to me have given some medicinal priparaty which were in hospital. But we had to buy a lot with Mom. And honey, now I have a scar on my stomach. But I had a good doctor, so the scar is not big! Darling, tickets at home, I'll find them and as soon as I can send them. Dear, and after your complaint, will they let me out of the country? I really want to come to you, I hope soon we will be together. Are you waiting for me, my dear? I really miss, but I know that we all preodaleem and soon will be together. I so miss your support! Dear, I'm ashamed to write how much I need, if you can send me as much money as you can afford to send. In general, if I translate into euros, then I need about 240 euros. Thank you for your care and your kind attitude towards me, dear, I really appreciate it. You're the kind of man I've been looking for all my life! I love you, your baby Tanya -------------- My dear. Hello, why do not you write to me? I'm very worried, are you all right? Please answer me. Antonio, I must be discharged from the hospital on Friday. I'm really looking forward to it, I'm so sick of lying in the hospital. It's cold and terrible food. Therefore, my mother brings me food from home. I'm waiting for your answer, dear! I love you, your girl Tanya ------------- Gerard hello, my beloved man. Dear, last night at home I felt worse, my mother called an ambulance and I was taken to the hospital where I work. This morning I had an operation, my apendicitis was excised, the operation was done under general anesthesia, so I now have a very sore head. My own, but I hope that soon everything will be fine, I was very afraid and crying. But now everything is over. Now I can get in, I'm already walking along the corridor. Now I went to see my chief doctor and he allowed me to use his computer. And as soon as I could, I immediately wrote to you. Dear, I love you, I'm very worried. I'm going to rest now, I need to lie in the hospital for a week, so the doctor told me today. I'll try later to write to you from the doctor's office. I love you, your Tanya ---------- I'm just in shock now. Why do you hurt me so much? I did not really understand what's going on, you're only interested in tickets, and you're not interested in how I'm cheering myself now ??? You told me such pleasant words, you said you would marry me !! How could you do this to me .... Nobody ever hurt me so much ... You listen to your friends, so live with them. I trusted you, explained the message, you know that I'm not from a rich family. And why should I be justified before the people who are haughty, that my mother and I do not have money for the road to you. I thought that you, as my future husband, will take these problems upon yourself. This is normal when a man helps and cares about his woman. If you do not think so, I can not talk anymore. I now feel very hurt and hurt .... Your Tanya ----------- Good morning my dear, I also want to be near you I want to forget all these troubles and just hug and kiss you I want to walk with you on the beach, hold your hand, I want to marry you. But you also understand me, you wrote such unpleasant things to me and I was very upset, I cried much. You are a grown man and I thought that you would never offend me. But why did this happen? You know that I love you and I want to believe that you really love me too! Do you love me? it is very important for me! The only problem is that I do not have money for the road and my mom does not. And of course I turned to you for help to my man, I have no one else to turn to. You are my future husband and I thought you could help me. This is not strange when a man helps his woman. And I have a feeling that I'm begging you for money, and it's not that easy for me to do. That's all. I asked to send me this amount, because the truth, I and my mother are now completely without money. I really hope that soon we will be together and forget all these troubles! Write me your decisions, your girl Tanya ----------- My dear, of course I want to come on Wednesday! And why not? dear, I should have come to you on November 23rd. I really want to see you, I want to hug and kiss you! My dear, call me please after 6.00 pm, I forgot the phone at home, and in the evening I'll be at home and finally I will be able to hear your voice! Antonio, why do you think that I will not come? why do you think so of me! you really want to see me? I love you Your Tanya --------- Good morning, my beloved Gerard! Thank you for calling me, I really liked your sweet voice. I was very happy to hear from you, dear! You make me happy! Of course I want to come on Wednesday, but why wait? Do you agree with me? Dear, forgive me for reminding of money again, but when can you send me a transfer? I told you that unfortunately my mom and I now have a very difficult time. I gave your regards to my mom, she is very pleased, and my mother sends her my best regards! I work today. The stomach or belly hurts a little. Now I'll go get some pills. I love you and look forward to meeting you Waiting for your answer your girl Tanya ----------- My dear, beloved! I printed out your documents and showed them to the agency, they told me that these documents do not guarantee anything. It's all for them is not important, they say that you need a real account. Which I personally will open in my own country, in my city! Understand? And in no other way! Dear, please try to find this amount to register this check for me. It will be a guarantee that I will definitely cure you.... Understand, I was told not in one agency that this document is obligatory. Under Ukrainian law, this tourist check is a must! Dear, this check is made during the day. They told me this at the bank. Please let's do it. Understand, my beloved, those documents that you sent me will not solve this problem. Native, I believe that you will manage to find this money! And I will have time to issue this check. And 23 we can immediately withdraw this money in your country. My flight number is KL1382 KL 1709 I'm waiting for your decision. My dear, I still can do everything by the rules. Kisses! Your girl Tanya ------ Gerard is my dear! I've already written to you a hundred times that these documents that you sent to me will not change anything and do not guarantee that they will let me into the plane. Darling, I just ask you to send me this amount, try to borrow it from your friends and tell them that in a day we will return it. Understand, then I can fly to you without problems and finally we will be together. My mother is very worried, now she called me and said that she could borrow from her boss at work 100 euros. He did not occupy more. This is already a huge sum for us. Dear, please! Let's make a check. I do not want to stay at the airport. And we will lose money from the tickets. It's not convenient for me to pay for the trip yourself! But darling, this is not a joke and not my whim, such a law. I personally need to issue a check in my city! I personally must do it! Please Gerard, we do not have much time! Help me, dear! I so want to see you! To go them are not interested in all these documents that you sent, they say that by law I must have a tourist check! Darling, plug me in. Tell me what do you think of something? We're wasting time. I'm already going crazy. Everywhere they say the same thing. That everyone should have a tourist check. Dear, write to me I am very worried ---------------- Good morning my beloved! I have good news! This morning I was at the bank and I managed to take out a loan for 200 euros! Darling, I'm trying very hard. Please find today 350 euros! Try, my dear! 300 euros I have! And I still have time to issue this tourist check and 23 we will be together! Please, I'm trying very hard! Dear, I'm waiting for your answer I believe you will be able to borrow 350 euros, 23 November we will refund this amount! I love you! Your Tanya ------------- ear, Nadia called me, she told me to drop her passports and tickets. My tickets are in the agency. I still can not get away from work, my boss is so very angry with me. I run constantly from work on my own affairs and he does not like it. Dear, honestly, I'm not very pleased that they talk to me like a little girl. I want my man to solve our problems, not strangers. I already found part of the money, it cost me tremendous efforts! I asked you to send me 350 euros, and I can issue a tourist check. And there will be no problems. These money will not go away anywhere! We'll take them off immediately. Why do you interfere with strangers? It's not convenient for me that you spent a lot of money on my trip. Dear, let's face it! I feel uncomfortable. Please, we do not have much time. I do not want to justify myself before a strange girl, I've already explained everything to you! Waiting for an answer, your girl Tanya ---------------- I do not know what to do, I took a loan, my mother lent money from her boss! We are trying! I'm already tired of running to the agency. Today, my boss did not let me go from work and generally said that he would reward me if I would walk in the most time in my affairs! I did everything I could! I asked to send me 350 euros !!!! We'll return the short ones on November 23 !!!! Instead, foreign people call me, absolutely strangers to me, and what they demand from me! I do not like it! I asked you to help me like your man! And you are interfering with strangers! We ourselves can not solve this problem ??? Everyone should tell about this? I'm a girl and I found half the money, I do not believe that you can not find 350 euros until November 23! I think you're not waiting for me! -------------- Good morning dear. I have a flight tomorrow from Kiev. Tonight by bus I will go to Kiev, where I will need somewhere to spend the night. And tomorrow morning I have an airplane, I'll take the tickets from the agency in front of the bus to Kiev. In Ternopil with strangers I will not go, I really do not like this whole situation. Okay, I'll fly without a traveler's check. Simply, it will be very stupid if they do not let me out without this document. And we will lose tickets. It just turns out that I'm more concerned and want to you than you. I was able to find 300 euros. Believe me, it's a lot of money for me! But I could! And you can not? Or do you think I'll spend your money on a new dress, and not on this check? It's upsetting to me. I thought my man should take care of everything. And now I'm terribly worried, I still have to go to Kiev, there to spend the night. It all builds not too little money! I have a lot of debts now, because I try to make everything happen according to the law and correctly. And if they do not let me on a plane, I'll go crazy! I wrote everything, as I think. I kiss you, Tanya ---------------- Dear, I sincerely do not understand. Why should we explain to hundreds of outsiders our plans and problems. You understand that I took a loan from a bank! Mom borrowed money from the boss. I also took more money for the trip, since I still need to pay for the bus and where to nachivat in Kiev, pay for the hostel! Why can not we make this a tourist check? So I'm not worried and could go to you safely ??? Really for me, for us, you can not find 350 until tomorrow! I found it, I did it! This is a guarantee that I will definitely fly without problems and I will not need to call some outsiders. Let's do it, darling? I immediately call Nadya and says that this check is not needed, but they do not say other information. And Nadia told me that if I can not fly tomorrow, then next Wednesday there will be a bus! Do you understand how much money I will spend ???? On the bus for an overnight in Kiev ??? If it does not work out I will have to go to your city and again it's money for the road. I do not understand what's going on? You can not send me a part of this sum, and there will not be any problems! I do not want to travel like a fool to the cities of Ukraine. I want to take a plane and fly to you! And that I had no problems! Let's do it? And tomorrow we'll take our money from this check. I am very worried, we are doing something stupid Write to me, I'm going crazy. Why can not you do it as I ask ??? Why do you listen to your friends, not me? ------------------ Foto del perfil de Hello, Mr. Gerard! How can I help you? Travel agency manager Olga --- Good morning, Mr. Gerard! We are located at the town of Izium, Klenovaya Street 28. Unfortunately, we do not have a website. You can drive to our office. We work from 8.00 to 17.00. The day off is Sunday. Also you can call us on our phone number +380956909550. Also we can send you our lection if necessary. Travel agency manager Olga --- Good afternoon, Mr. Gerard! I can not just cancel the booking of tickets. This can only be done by the customer, that is Tatyana Brazhnik. And in case of refunds, Tatiana will receive back only 40% of their cost. Since these were burning tickets at a big discount. To return tickets Tatiana must personally come to our agency. Have a nice day. Travel agency manager Olga --- Good afternoon, Mr. Gerard. I have now checked tickets to the name of Tatyana Brazhnik, they were at our special offer. And therefore, when handing over tickets Tatiana will receive back 10% of their value. Tatiana can take the tickets on Monday during business hours. Travel agency manager Olga --- Foto del perfil de Darling, I do not understand what's going on. Why should I take the tickets? I already agreed at work, I asked my boss for help. I do not understand, why do not you wait for me? Why can not you do it as I ask you? This tourist check gives a full guarantee that I will be able to fly to you 23 without problems. And we will immediately take your money. But to me at the airport there will be no complaints! I'm already tired of running to the agencies, all to find out, I already have no strength, my head is spinning! Please let's do everything according to Ukrainian laws. And I can finally be there! I already told everyone that I'm flying to my fiance. And now, what should I do? What should I tell my mother? Dear, let's check, it's essentially free, since your money will not be lost! We will remove them without problems in your country on the day of my arrival to you. I have already written to you about this many times. Why are not you listening to me? I want to be sure that I can fly to my man and not stay at the airport. I love you! Your girl Tanya ----- Good morning, my dear Gerard! I missed you so much while I was at home without the Internet. How are you? Dear, thank you for everything, for all your efforts. I really believe that we will be together soon. My dear, I also tried to borrow this money, but unfortunately not one of my relatives has such a sum. My dear, it's very dangerous for me to show those documents, prints that you sent me. After all, we do not have a kinship with you and I'm afraid that I will not be bullied in fraud, that I show someone else's bank cards. My dear, my dear, please try to send me this money today for a tourist check, maybe you can take them from your friends. You explain to them that on November 23 we will return the money back to them. I know everything will turn out well for me. I'll be already uverina that I'll fly to you without problems. Dear, I have tickets at 5.40 I'm leaving from Kiev, then I have a transfer in Amsterdam, and in Alicante I will be at 15.15. Will you meet me? Or Nadia? Native, write to me quickly. I love you, your girl Tanya ----- My dear Gerard! Tickets were purchased by Klm Royal Dutch Airlines. I explained to you already many times. And again I encountered a misunderstanding in your side. I do not force you to send me money for this check. And the agency does not make me do it either, darling! I understand this, I'm an adult girl and believe me, I've learned a lot of information on this issue! The most reliable option is to make me this touristic check.I do not pay for it! I just put the money in a safety deposit. In order to prove that I have money for living and food in your country. And that's it! But as soon as I come to you, we will immediately take them off and I will return them to you. The invitation will unfortunately not help, It operated earlier when the visa regime was introduced. Now this is not the reason to miss me. Meanwhile, we are not officially yet husband and wife to each other and therefore this invitation is altogether useless. I can already Come, but only with this traveler's check. Dear, I do not understand what happened, why are you so violently trying to convince me of this? I specified this information a million times and it was confirmed to me by no one! You understand? Why are you trying to prove something to me again? You know that as soon as I come to you and we get married, these tourist checks will not be needed anymore. Believe me and please do what I ask of you. I know that you intelligent man, and you want to do only better, but now this is the only option. I really want to be with you as soon as possible. Please let's make it ----- Good morning, my dear man. I already do not understand anything, I'm always nervous. I came to work / read your letter and immediately called the agency. I asked about the one you wrote me. And they told me that the letter is not a promise, but I guarantee that all the expenses you take on yourself. We have different names, there is no confirmation that I'm really flying to you to marry you. They tell me, I'm flying like a tourist! We will not prove this letter that I am going to get married! They say that this document may not be true. They said that I myself must open a bank account and put money on it myself. Herself! Do you understand, dear? Why do I ask you to make this check check and then I will be calm and I will be sure that I will cure you. Dear, I beg you very much, let's do it, otherwise I'll come to you crazy! We need large sums of money for him, but we will not spend them on all sorts of foolishness, and immediately we'll take them off in your country and we'll take them back. And all, no problem. The letter does not guarantee that I really will marry there. They told me so. Without options. I go there and go and call them every day! They say that such a law. And the money on my personal account should be. Dear, let's do it? We will not spend this money anyway. But now I will know that I will definitely fly without problems. I really want this to end soon and we were finally together! I love you and look forward to meeting you Your girl Tanya! I kiss you, my love ----- My own, I understood. Well, I'm going to quit my job now for a little while and then I'll go again to the agency and explain everything. I hope that everything will work out for us. I feel very worried, they say that this letter does not guarantee that we will definitely get married. That's what they tell me. You can write anything in the letter. They told me so. Dear, tell me, but what if they flatly say that they will not let me out of the country without this check? You can pay it for me? I'll just put this money on the account and when I get there we'll immediately take this money away and you'll take it for yourself. But after all, by right and so are yours. I am very worried and I want to see you! Write me I will also write when I return -------- Dear, I went to several travel agencies and even called the embassy. And I was told that unfortunately this letter can be the basis only when people are each other's relatives by documents or husband and wife. And while we are not entirely married to you This document is not the basis for the cancellation of this traveler's check. Nice, I understand that we must inevitably do this. All the same it is necessary to do it. I do not understand why you are so negative? I told you it was just a formality. What's the problem? I'm so tired from these situations and calls.Ya just want to be with you! My dear, please, understand, I need to have this travel cheque to prove that I'm financially stable to be a tourist. I need to have such a proof because I'm young unmarried woman without any property and with low income. And here in my country a lot of girls try to immigrate abroad and they work there as strip dancers and even prostitutes. And the government tries to prevent this. And they will suspect me as an immigrant too if I do not make a travel cheque because I have a low income and I do not have a husband and I do not have property. For this reason I need to prove that I am not an immigrant and that I have money to be a tourist, that is for what the travel cheque is needed, to prove that I'm financially stable to go abroad and to be a tourist, you see? -------- My dear Gerard! Today I was again in the agency and they told me 100 times that the letter did not change anything. Such a crocus in Ukraine. They told me that they just might not let me out of the country. I said that I'm flying to my fiance, that I'm marrying you. But they say that unfortunately it does not change anything. And they told me, if my groom has such an opportunity to send me this money for a tourist check. It's better to do it on Monday and do not waste more time. Dear, can we do it? I'm not going to spend that money, and when I come to you we'll take them off the account and no problems. Understand this is the easiest way, and we will not lose tickets. And if I start building tickets back, it's additional costs, since they will not return their full cost to me. And I'm so not comfortable and ashamed that you pay for my entire trip, that's why I do not want to lose money from tickets. Dear, let's settle this. And I will be calm. I am very worried Honey, I'll go home soon. And write to me we will master the decision on Monday and I will read your letter when I come to work. I love you, my future husband! Your Tanya ------ Gerard dear. I just read your letter. And I'm a bit shocked! Why are you writing to me with some kind of anger? Or it seemed to me? dear, I also try to make it work. I went to the agency this morning and took my passport there. Right now, I'll send it to you. And dear, the email address of the agency is you can write to them and find out all the information. Or call +380956909550. Dear contact them yourself, please, I do not understand anything. I'm in panic. I need to leave on Monday. What should I do? Darling, they explained to me about the tickets, because tickets were bought at a discount. Then they will not return their full cost. And each airline reserves the right to pay the amount. I can return only 10%. Dear, so we also lose money. I am very worried. Write me right away Your Tanya ------- My dear! I do not know what to do. I already learned and checked this information a hundred times. And they tell me the same thing, that a tourist check is a kind of insurance. And an invitation from you will not help. In general, you might think that I'm going to work for you as a prostitute. And this is just horror. And that it can be checked and if I go by bus too. Honey, I'm just not going to survive if I get off the bus or plane. Dear, I understand that this is a huge sum. But maybe you can help me make this check. My head will now burst from all these experiences. My mom is very worried about me. But I try to decorate it and I say that we will cope. Can we still make a check? And your money will be immediately removed when I come to you? We're not going to spend it. Dear, write to me? What do you think? you know, they stand on their own and I'm afraid that they will not let me out without this document. I'll come to you crazy!)) How I want to be near you and forget about these documents and other difficulties. I love you, your girl Tanya ----- Hello, Gerard. Darling, that's it we have very little time! Darling, I just can not do it. Please let me arrange a tourist check today and on Monday calmly fly to you and I'll be sure that everything will be fine and without problems. And we'll take your money immediately from the tourist's check, when I fly to your country. I do not want to lose tickets for the plane, I'm very worried and my mom, too. I do not want you to lose money from the tickets! Let's check this check today and on Monday I'll fly to you? And there will be no more experiences. I already can not. I want to you, I want to be your wife and live happily and forget about all the problems! Dear, do not worry about this money on the check, I have already clarified a hundred times about them and everywhere they told me that this is only a formality and they will not be lost! We can remove them immediately as soon as I arrive. Dear, they have their own laws and rules. Letter of invitation does not change anything. I constantly paraded with them for a letter. Write your decision, your future wife Tanya) ------ Good afternoon, my dear Gerard! I just came to work. Dear, I booked a ticket, I will be in Alicante at 15.15, on November 23. We were lucky these discount tickets were still waiting for me) Thank you my dear man! Darling, but I was a bit upset right now. It turns out that for travel abroad a citizen of Ukraine needs one more document. I will have to submit this document in passport control. This document is called a traveler's check. With its help you can check how financially stable the tourist crosses the border of Ukraine, and he has money to stay in another country. I was told about this document in a travel agency. In addition, my boss confirmed this information to me, he flew several times abroad and constantly issued this tourist check. Moreover, any young, unmarried girl with low incomes risks becoming a potential immigrant and proving that I have enough money to live in another country, I need to make this document. For each country this amount differs. In particular, for Spain this amount is 637 euros for one trip. Dear, now I will explain to you in more detail. This check is necessary for me to do in the bank and impose on it the 637 euros. My dear Antonio, but this is only a formality, and as soon as I arrive in Spain, we will be able to withdraw this money from this travelers' check and do not waste it anywhere. Those. the money will be safe, they will be saved on this check, and I will not be able to remove them until I go to Spain. Dear, please, please do not worry, I was very upset at first, but later I was told that this amount is only a formality, and we will not spend this money, we will immediately remove them as soon as I arrive in Spain. Sorry for these additional inconveniences, we have no other way to register this travelers check as soon as possible. Since without your help I can not solve this question, because you know that I do not have anyone to whom I could borrow so much money. Beloved, could you send me this money today, so tomorrow morning I will go to the bank and send this check? ----- Honey, I found out 100 times. I'm so worried. I understand that this is a huge amount. I asked if you would send me an invitation, but they told me that it's nothing unchangeable. I even cried at the agency, I was so upset, because it's a huge sum. But the girl who works there has calmed me. She said that this money on a traveler's check is only a formality and we will not spend it. And we'll be able to remove them as soon as I arrive in your country. Darling, what shall we do? I already have a headache. I'm so worried! Dear, write me what are we going to do? I'm now at work and I have a terrible condition, I'm so worried. Dear, I want so much to you. I am very worried that we will not succeed. Write me your decision or I'll just go crazy. ---- Dear, my passport is now in the agency. Booking for the ticket is confirmed and the passport is up to tomorrow at them. This tourist's check is not needed for the agency, my dear! Liked, understand, the travel agency just consults me, they are not interested in this document at all. They just told me the rules at the moment. It's really like that. This document should be checked on passport control when you leave for another country. Dear, please try to send me this money as soon as you can. ---- My dear, I'm just going to go crazy! I'm constantly crying! I do not know what to do! I just came to work from the agency. They look at me like a stupid one. They explained to me again that I must personally issue this traveler's check, open a special bank account in my name and put money on it. I was told that if this is done by a man from abroad, I can generally be suspected of prostitution, as if I'm not traveling to my fiance but just to some uncle. I am very worried, I asked if you send me a letter saying that I'm your bride, they told me that this will not change anything. And if I do not have a registered traveler's check, I may not be allowed to leave the airport of Ukraine. And then we will lose tickets. I do not know what to do! I can not do anything! I constantly cry, I so want to you. I never thought that all this was so expensive. Expensive, but they tried to pack me, again they explained to me that the money from my account will not disappear anywhere and that this is only a formality and we will take them off in your country right away. This is a kind of insurance. Darling, what shall we do? Maybe you can send me this amount? And I'll bring her back on November 23 and we'll immediately take this money away in a bank in your country. Antonio, I'm already so tired of all this, I want to be close to you and forget about everything in the world and enjoy your company, the beach, the sea. Otherwise, my head will just burst. Look what I have a swimsuit? Do you like? I kiss you, dear. Your Tanya ----- Honey, I already bought tickets. And even if I go by bus or car, I still have to pass passport control. And in any case, this tourist check is required. Dear, I already found this information in other travel agencies and everywhere they confirmed it to me. My dear, thank you for the photo! Only this is what warms me now, I feel so bad at heart. I'm terribly worried. And you have a very beautiful and interesting man. Do not tell yourself. Dear, you understand that now we are wasting our time and nerves in vain. Let's issue this tourist check, we will not spend this money anyway, and still we will immediately remove them. And let's forget about it. I want to discuss us and our relationship. And not these documents. How do you think, dear? Otherwise, I really go crazy, I'm so worried and really want to you, my dear! Your girl Tanya ------ My dear, I was told that this tourist check I need to do in my country and in my city. I have to do it personally. I will be specifically opened a bank account for this operation. I personally have to issue all these documents, put their signatures. And when this amount will be on my traveler's check, only then I will be released without any problems from the country. I once again called the travel agency and asked everything. I said that I'm flying to my fiance, but they told me that a tourist check is needed anyway. They sighed me, said that it was only a formality and that we would take this money without problems in your country when I arrived. Gerard, what should we do? ----- Tatiana, my girl ... I have made that shipment to you today Sunday. You already have it available and you can pick it up tomorrow. I specify everything that you put in the receipt that you have given me It's made to your name Tatiana Brazhnik Date: 12-11-2017 Time: 01:50 p.m. CET MTCN 730-902-1908 Amount sent: 200.00 euros Commission: 7.00 euros Total: 207.00 euros Exchange rate: 1,1591033 Amount or currency to be delivered at the destination: $ 231.82 Your Gerard, loves you and kisses you ------------- My dear, thank you again. I got your translation. And she submitted all the necessary documents to the international passport and I was told that for this money he would be ready already in the Ponelnik. I so want that all turned out. I really want to be close to you! Dear, I was born in Izumu and live all my life in this city. I also received a consultation from a travel agency and I was told that the easiest way to go to your country as a tourist, then I will not need an invitation from you. It will be enough only international passport and tickets, as well as I was told that now there are inexpensive tickets for November 23. And I thought that it would be great to come to you on November 23rd. We just have time to arrange everything. Expensive tickets can be bought on Monday, after I receive my passport. Their price is 195 euros. It's from Kiev to Alicante. Dear, write me your opinion. Maybe we can buy them on Monday? I am very worried and I want to be near you! My dear, if necessary, of course let Nadia call me, I'm always there. I kiss you, my dear. ---------- Hello my beloved, how are you? As a mood, I constantly think about you, about our meeting, and of course, I will wait for you in your apartment and I will be very grateful if Nadia will meet me. I can get to know them better and I hope I can make friends with them. Because tickets worth 195 euros are only available on November 23, and on other dates they are more expensive. I now called the travel agency and once again clarified, they said the tickets still exist. And on Monday morning I will receive my international passport and immediately go to the agency to buy these tickets. Therefore, my dear, you could send me money for tickets on Monday morning so I could immediately buy tickets at this price. Forgive me, that I again remind you of money, but I have no other choice. And yes, I asked for the invitation letter and I was told that it was not necessary for the trip. And when I come, we'll be able to talk more precisely about our wedding and our common plans. Do you agree with me, dear? I'm a little worried, but I believe that we will succeed and we will be happy! I love you my man! Your Tanya ----- My dear Gerard! At the agency they told me that they would leave these tickets until Monday. But I need to pick them up in the morning. Therefore, it would be an ideal time if you sent me money hours at 9-10 in the morning. But darling, I understand that you have a lot of your business. I'm just worried that we will not miss these discount tickets. Dear, I would very much like to start working in your country. But for this, I need to start to study your language very seriously. Of course, we will deal with this issue when I arrive. I want to work, so I'm just for this idea. Unfortunately, now I have not got the opportunity to use Skype and other free applications for calls and messages, since my smartphone has broken down. I was told that the repair is under warranty. Now I use a simple phone without the Internet, just for calls. So I write to you when I'm at work. But as soon as my phone is repaired and I take it back, we can communicate in other fast applications. And it will be easier for us to communicate with you! I love you too, my dear, and I look forward to our meeting! Your girl Tanya ----- Hey my darling Gerard! How are you? How do you feel? Do you think about me? I'm constantly ... I'm very lonely, I miss you. I really want to feel the warmth of your lips, the touch of your strong hands, I want to drown in your arms, to enjoy every minute spent with you, my dear! Today I have a day off, I'll watch a movie or read a book in the evening. What films do you like? My dear, I want so much to you. I can not wait for our meeting. Thank you for everything you do for me. You are the best and good man. My dear, I will send you my data again, Tatiana Brazhnik. Passport series MH, number 218166 My address is Ukraine, Harkiv region, 64300, Izyum city, Sobornaya street, 24/15 Dear, I looked at the picture you sent and I almost did not understand anything, could not translate. I hope you have enough of my data. And of course it will be nice for me if you point out in the column _your fiance! I'm so glad, I believe that we will succeed, my own. Dear, I found out once again for sure that in my city there are branches of Western Union and I can receive your translation. Yes dear, tickets cost about 230 dollars, but I will be told the exact amount when I will know the date of my trip. And dear please try to make a transfer today, because on Saturday and Sunday transfers do not issue. And write to me right after you send the transfer and send me the confirmation code of the transfer, you will be told it in the bank. And I immediately go to receive it. Thanks for your photos, you're so wonderful! I really like the photo! I will also send you my photos, my dear! And of course I will prepare the necessary certificates, a diploma and take all these documents with me to you. Dear but first of all you need a passport and after its registration we can already book tickets. I am very glad that you have appeared in my life, my good, my beloved man! Kisses, yours Tanya ----- My dear, thank you very much. I'm still at work, tomorrow morning before work I'll get your transfer. And I'll write to you right away. And tomorrow, when I withdraw your money, I'll go to the passport office and I'll file the passport. My beloved, I ran home, I kiss you and look forward to our meeting! Your girl Tanya ----- Hi, my dear Gerard! Today I woke up very early and immediately thought about you, I wanted to touch you, hug, talk, have breakfast together, then take a walk in the park! I really miss you, you have become for me the best, dearest and most desired man! Every minute I think about you, I represent me next to you, your touch, your voice. I kiss and really miss you, Yes dear, Nadia phoned me first, then I gave her my mom's number and she talked with her. Nadia is a very nice woman. And she really liked me and my mother. My mother said that she is not against our relationship with you, on the contrary, she knows how I treat you well and believes that we will be all right. So my mom said that she wants me to be with you because you are a very serious man and you will never give me. Is not it so, dear? I really believe you and really want to you. Nadia asked about our age difference with you and I told her that this is not a problem. She also said that you are not a rich man. And I said that for me it does not matter. I, too, are not from a rich family and I have never lived in luxury. And I do not need it. For me, the main thing is to feel loved. Dear, thank you for your help. Here is my data-my name is Tatiana Brazhnik. My home address is Ukraine, Harkiv region, 64300, Izyum city, Sobornaya str., 24/15. Dear I was told that the fastest and safest way to transfer from me to you this money. This is through the use of fast money transfers Western Union. They told me that the money will come to me right away, as soon as you send it to me and I can withdraw it at the nearest bank branch. Only when you send me the money you will have to send me a confirmation code. And only with this code and my passport I can remove the transfer. Dear, I am very worried and I very much hope that we will succeed. Thank you again for paying me my passport, I'm ashamed, but I really do not have that amount. And when I get the transfer, I immediately go to get the documents for the passport. your Tanya ------ Hi dear Gerard!Thank you for your photos! You look very good! You are a very interesting man. How're you? How's your mood? Today, with my niece, I will go to the park, she will go for a drive on attractions, then we'll go to our favorite cafe of national cuisine.I would really want you to try our Ukrainian dishes, they are sure to please you. Our kitchen is very diverse and I think you'll like it, my sweetheart! I would be happy cooked for you lunch and dinner! I really want to see you, hug, much to tell you. Dear, I already found out information about my trip to you. I need an international passport anyway, it's with him that I can be in your country these 3 months. And I already wrote that the passport can be made urgent, but it will cost 200 dollars. Such a high price because it will be done in 3-5 working days. And if you do on general grounds, then it will take almost 3 months to process the passport. But I can not wait any longer, I really want to come to you and be around. My dear, are you waiting for me? Are you dreaming about me? I very .... When can you send me this money for my passport? I do not want to waste any more time. I would not ask you for money for a trip, simply that there is no such amount I'm sorry that you could not get through to me, but the connection is bad. But maybe you will get it later. I miss you so much, your girl Tanya ------ Hello my dear! Sorry for a delayed response. I was a little sick and was at home. And I use the Internet only at work. How are you? I really miss and of course I really want to come to you. I already wrote to you that you are very clever and reliable man, I completely trust you and can not wait for our meeting. Dear, I realized that I need to bring a certificate that I'm not married and a birth certificate. Well I understand, I'll take these references. Dear, when will we start to make my documents? I will need time for their registration, and my vacation will be very soon. I'm very worried that everything will turn out for us and I could come and be around. And I'm very glad that your friends are Ukrainian citizens and I will be able to communicate with them without problems. They can call me dear at any time. Only I experience in our city a very bad connection. But I hope that you will be able to get through to me. I'll send you a copy of my passport. Dear, here is the email address of the travel agency The phone number is +380956909550. Dear, I will wait for your answer. I kiss you, your Tanya ------ Hi dear Gerard! How is your mood? How's your day? Yesterday I had many things to do, in the morning I helped my mother around the house, and then in the store I chose a gift for my mother, she soon had a birthday. In the evening I helped my close friend. Then I wanted to going to see the movie, take my favorite sweets with me, take cover with a warm blanket and imagine that you are next to me...And I felt so good in my heart from these thoughts that I fell asleep without seeing the film). I think about you all the time, my sweetheart, you are very dear to me, I'm glad to receive letters from you, I always wait for them with trepidation . What are you dreaming about, dear? Dear, do not worry about the apartment, I'm not confused that she is small! I'm from a simple family, I already wrote that I never lived in luxury. So the usual conditions of life are for me. And the most beautiful thing is that this apartment is near the sea! It is so beautiful! I can not wait)) And of course I'm very happy that you have friends from Ukraine, it's so good for me! Now I want to come to you even more! I really like you, I feel that you are my man. You're so smart, good. I can learn from you a lot. Maybe I fell in love with you like a little girl, but I really think about you, darling! Dear, as promised, I found out all the information in the travel agency about my trip to you. I was told that in the first place I need to issue an international passport. It can be made urgent in 3-5 working days and it will cost 200 dollars. I also need round-trip tickets, their cost is $ 243. They also told me that I do not need a visa now. Dear,the total cost of my trip to you would be $443. I understand that this is a large amount and I myself can not collect so much money. But I really want to come to you, my dear, I believe that our meeting will bring us happiness. I know that you are my man, I feel it, I completely trust you! I'm afraid to lose you! I will not give you anything)) But we must try to pay this amount, so that we finally met with you, beloved! This is the most favorable prices that I found, I learned at other agencies prices and they were even higher. Therefore, it is the best option. I really look forward to our meeting and I hope that we will be able to create a family and be together for the rest of our lives. I kiss you, Tatiana ----- Good day Gerard!Thank you for the photo! I like you! I am very happy to write to you again. I always wait for your letters with special tenderness. With you I can be real, it seems to me that we have known each other for many years. Yesterday I went to the amusement park with my family, then visited the the zoo. I really love animals, but in our city is not very good zoo.I do not like zoos at all, because I'm sorry for the animals that are there. Therefore I go there only to buy them something from food and feed them.I would really like to see exotic animals but only that they live in a familiar environment for them, and not in prison. Does your city have a large amusement parks and a zoo?Do you like animals? how do you feel about this leisure? In the evening, with my mother, we are baked a pie, according to our family recipe, I thought about you, I really wanted you to try it. I told my mother about you, how nice it is for me to communicate with you. It may be too early, but I really wanted my mother to know about you. Do you think about me? Imagine me near you? I'm constantly ... In my opinion, our communication can not only be friendship, or can it grow into something more?Darling, do not worry about the difference in age. For me, this is not a problem, but even the opposite is advantage. You're very smart, kind and good. It's a man like you I dream of meeting and finally we met! Dear, you do so many good deeds, you help people, my compatriots, I like it so much and inspires even more confidence in you! Yes, I want to come to you. Learn you personally, take a walk with you, swim in the sea, sunbathe) It's so beautiful! And I do not care where we live and your apartment is small, I also live in a small apartment and I'm not used to scrounging. The main thing that I want to see you personally, I want to meet your friends and their beautiful children. Darling, would you like to see me around? Would you like me to come to you? I am very worried and nervous, I have never been abroad, but I will posture to find out what documents I need to look to you! I never flew on airplanes, I'm afraid .... But for the sake of our meeting, I'm ready for anything)) I wish you for a good mood, for more smiles! ------ Hello Gerard! How is your day, how do you feel? I often think about you) Yesterday we walked in the park with my friend, couples were passing by us, they were holding hands, they talked about, laughed. It was nice to see them, I understand that I also want to love and be loved. I have had serious relationships in my life, already very long ago.Are you ready for a new relationship? Yes, the situation in Ukraine is now terrible and many people have left the country abroad, including some of my relatives and friends. But my parents do not want to leave their native home, from the city of Nanging. My mother wants me to leave Ukraine and build my life in another, more prosperous country. Thanks for the photo, they are wonderful. Yes, I love children, but now for me the most important thing is to meet a man with whom we will create a strong and beautiful family. My English is also not very good, but I think that at a personal meeting we will be able to understand each other). For now, I like to write to you and receive your letters. But I do not want this to last too long, since I'm not looking for a pen-friend, but I want a real man near me. To which I can touch, hug him, take care of him.I think you will agree with me that there is nothing better than real meet. Kisses Your Tatiana ------ Hello Gerard! I'm very glad that you answered me. I hope this is not an accident, and our communication will be both pleasant to both of us. I really want to experience true love, share it with my beloved and dear to me. As I wrote earlier, I live in the city Izyum, with my mother and father.Mum works as a teacher of the Ukrainian language at school, and my father works as a builder. My birthday is October 20.I try to spend as much time as possible with my family, go for a walk in the park, meet friends, go to the movies, go to the theater. I go rollerblading and cycling. I love to cook, especially desserts, I love sweet. And how do you feel about sweets? What dishes do you prefer? Dear, thank you for your letter, for your story. I completely understand you, I'm looking for only a serious relationship, a man with whom I can spend all my life. This is now my main dream in life and purpose.I'm not at all baffled by our age difference. On the contrary, I believe that an adult man is more serious, reliable and that's exactly what I'm looking for. I do not want to build relationships with a man of my height, in most cases they are not ready for a serious relationship and building a family. I would be happy if you could call me +380996118469 I will very much wait for the call Tatiana ------ de: Gerard Antonio morals para: Gerardo Morals Cco: antonio morales fecha: 27 de octubre de 2017, 12:51 asunto: Fwd: waiting your answer enviado por: Hi Tanya First of all, thank you for your letter, I am very glad to be able to contact you. Yes, I see you very well and what I intend is what you say to me: that we find a common language. And I want to find in you the woman with whom to be for life, support each other and enjoy together, and not separate nor take this as a game. In two words, there is a sentimental connection between us. That is why, from the beginning I want to be sincere with you and that this contact is not a silly and simple crossing of letters and photos. But this contact will lead us to our understanding and possible approach to our union forever and forever. I do not know if you will know, but through the internet it is not easy to find a serious relationship, because if you have the advantage of immediacy you may also have the difficulty of disappointment. That is why I think it is best to speak clearly from the beginning , and give us evidence and evidence of that clarity and sincerity, do you think? I am already retired. Almost all my life I lived in Madrid (Spain), but now I live in Torrevieja (Alicante) -Spain, because here I am better, because of its climate and the sea. I live in a small apartment, but with the advantage of being only 50 meters from the beach and the sea. Around here I dedicate myself to that, to sunbathing and going down to the beach, because even in winter it usually makes very good weather. I also take walks. And, also, to attend many immigrants, and many of Ukraine, who live here, and often have legal and legal problems, which I try to solve. And I have a marriage and her three girls, Ukrainians, who are very close friends of mine. I see you are a health worker, and you like flowers. I also see that you are separated, and that you are 28 years old I am single and have never been married, and I have no children. And my age is 71 years. My birthday is April 23. When is your birthday? What do you think about our age difference? Tanya, I sincerely await your response. And if you consider that between us there can exist that sentimental connection that leads us to something serious that would be our union would be the best thing that has happened to me in my life, really. I wait for you from the heart. Gerard Antonio ----- Foto del perfil de Hello! I'm very glad that you gave me your email and we have the opportunity to get to know each other closer. My name is Tanya. I am very open and sympathetic person and I very much hope that we will find a common language with you! I hope you also think so.) I want to find a man with whom we will be together for life, support each other in all situations, relax together, laugh, trifles, enjoy nature! Maybe it's you who are the kind of man who will give me real happiness, and I will try to make you happy. I'm a girl who likes to enjoy life, communicate with people, make new acquaintances, go on nature with friends. Especially I like the sea, if I had such an opportunity, I would have moved to live closer to the sea! Tell me how do you spend your free time? What do you like to do in your free time? I really love to dream, sometimes I'm naive, but I do not blame it for my lack, the girl is important to be gentle, sometimes weak, but always attentive and sensitive to her man. I graduated from medical university. And now I work as a nurse in a city hospital. I like my work, I like helping people. But I have a hobby. I really love flowers and work as a florist in my city. I like creating beautiful bouquets. It's very interesting. And what is your hobby? I live in the city Izyum, this is Ukraine, it's not a big city, but he's really my own. I dream to see the world, other countries, learn their features and culture. I'm looking for a person who will share my life position with me, my values, my interests will be close to me. If you are an open and sincere man, I will very much look forward to hearing from you and I hope we will continue our communication. Below are a few of my photos for you.

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