SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Olga Orekhova. Vienminovna

First name: Olga
Last name: Orekhova. Vienminovna
Age: 30
Location: Fedorovskiiy Russia
On websites:
Report:     She goes by the name Olga and she lived in federal ski Russia she needed money to get a passport and a visa in a ticket after giving her all this money she then could not fly out she needed 2830 more dollars in order to make documents because she was not from Moscow of which she decided that?s where she would fly out of . she was sent almost $10,000 and then at the end she said she was living in the streets on Moscow because she needed another $3000 because the Russian government was now making women have at least $3000 show and they could get back that?s when I stopped sending her money . I realized earlier that she was a scammer but she has done this many times before in one occasion she called me James which makes me think that she?s scam the guy by the name of James before . When she figured out I wasn?t sending her any more money. She began to fight in every letter that I wrote until all she did was say negative things about Americans and how they were flying and I realize that she was nothing more than a scammer
Status of report: is still without proof