Scam report about Alexandra McQueen

First name:  Alexandra
Last name:  McQueen
Aka:  Ellen Brown , Dora Botwe
Age:  32
Location:  Ghana,Accua
On websites:  http://www Google Hangouts
Report:  She,is reported on this site as:Alexandra McQueen. Ok I FIRST was contacted on January 8th @ 2:00am central time.,hello GOOD morning how are you doing today. May I ask for a chat.I am not awake at the time I was messaged me. 3:20am I responded hello her,may we chat, get to know u better see where GOD will lead us.sends2pics,I in night gown,other her face. Says she has never been married,and no kids. My response well ok that's good next small talk. Mon.4:19pm.her:Hello ARE u there babe .No more contacts till Thu.Jan.11th at 1:56pm. ONLY THIS TIME: she is under name of,, Dora Botwe hello,etc. Small talk for some time surprise pic of her face,same just little change of hair,make up But exact person:as Dora Botwe. Hello etc. Am looking for serious love my dear. Was born and raised in California, but now in Ghana due to problems and reasons.small talk. Cos my father was caught with another woman so on.. mother packs up all stuff and leaves. Then some months pass her granny you go hospital. At hospital her father tells her,take all my money go to Ghana live with granny. So she does. Short time pass. She's telling granny about dad ,then granny has HEART ATTACK, she goes hospital short time pass my granny dies, now hear all alone. No jobs, had spend all money on granny.need me to help,how much do you want me to be your wife,,later at12:26 calls my phone!!! Later text why you not answer, I call you I know u can love me much. Need 500 to renew passport state has it At this point I am speechless. Calls later 6:13pm ,text why you not answer.need food stuff.need help no food am hungry. Anyway that's all for now all this was last night, some this am of the 19th.she did text 6:30 pm ask me to text ASAP. Got 3 or 4 going on this site now trying to get more information. All for now.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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