Scam report about Anne Burke

First name:  Anne
Last name:  Burke
Aka:  Annie Burky
Age:  33
Location:  Sydney, Australia. Suburb :Fairlight.
Phone:  +61434 439 254
On websites:  Red Hot Pie .com
Report:  I came across her profile on She told me how many times she had been hurt and lied to. Her emails were well thought out and well written and explained. She told me again and again how she hoped that I was real and not a liar or scammer which I assured her I wasn't because the same things had happened to me. She wanted a permanent relationship which for this site is a little unusual but not impossible. She wanteddy to meet asap and I said no problem, I will drive to Sydney. However she told me that she was in Singapore sorting out her father's will in which she was the main benificiary. I told her to get in contact with me when she was home. That's when she told me that she missed her original flight and she was in desperate need of 400$ to get home. She sent me a so called copy of her NSW drivers license which made me believe that she was a real person. But the need of 400$ got alarm bells ringing and after I questioned her motives she abused me and no longer has a profile on and won't answer my emails.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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