Scam report about Clara Lowe Albers

First name:  Clara Lowe
Last name:  Albers
Aka:  Kimberly Albers, Clara Lowe Albers
Age:  43
Location:  Little Rock, Syria
On websites:  skype
Report:  From: Clara Lowe Albers I'm from little rock,Arkansas ! I'm a Combat Medic and i'm serving in the US army , i take care of hurt soldiers or troop and am on a peace keeping mission here in Syria and i will be returning back home in 2 weeks time 12/19 From: Clara Lowe Albers I have been out of the country for 2 years now , and i told you earlier on i was transferred from Afghanistan to Syria this year and i excited to tell you that this my late peace keeping mission .. That's why i came online in searching of my soulmate , someone whom i can love and talk anytime when i need him 12/19 From: Clara Lowe Albers I am a graduate of the United States military academy at West Point, N.Y I completed Ranger ,Airborne and Air Assault training, and both the Engineer Officer Basic and Advanced Courses i earned a master's degree in mechanical engineering from the University of California, Berkeley, a Master of Business Administration degree from Long Island University in New York. From: Clara Lowe Albers I haven't finished Randy, I study nursing in collage before i joined the Military academy .. I have a care taken who takes care of my kids and my house for me when i am out of the country my dear.. I have two and two dogs and that's what life can offer my dear So your a caption or major? From: Clara Lowe Albers Major From: Clara Lowe Albers Yes my love is a large package containing 3 million US dollars , 12 Gold bars and one Gold medal as well my love and i don't know how is going to be shipped to you actually , so i want you to do whatever the company as you to do so that the package will be delivered to you successfully to your doorstep my love.. I will give you the company's website so that you can read about them first honey Sent on: 12/25 From: Clara Lowe Albers Sweetheart that's the compaines website and i want you to open the link Go through and read about them and get back to me my love Is a secure company and have known them for a long time my love... Sweetheart you'll have your name on the package as the receiver honey, Sweetheart you know i am on a peace keeping mission and i don't have access to my account because is not allowed and everything we want is provided to us my love, That's why i want you to support as my husband and when the packages get to you my love , you can open it and take your money baby All i want from you is to do whatever the company tells you The PSDexpress was a fake company. The address is listed as 24 Wallstreet, ny 24001. The website has now been removed.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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