Scam report about Yaroslava Malysheva

First name:  Yaroslava
Last name:  Malysheva
Age:  29
Location:  Russia
On websites:  Unknown
Report:  Just another bull shiting scammer...but unique in since that this one must being either doing good in its scam (busy that is) or....or nothing I have no words, but I?ll add, this one started over a month ago sending emails but disappeared for like a month then I got and email yesterday saying...?do you remember me, I hope you haven?t forgotten me?! So since had nothing to really do yesterday I sent a reply, now here?s the fun sent a reply more less saying, ?hey, Fine whatever if you want to come to the U.S by all means your welcome like every other ones who wants to visit but on you dime? I even said about you say anything about western union or money gram, and low and below, wtf do you think this person asked for.? That?s right, (Johnny what do we have for our contestants behind door number one) so my conclusion and I can confirm this, they don?t read(maybe uneducated is why) because they never answer questions mistake number one and sometimes I?ve even brutally dis there ass and they reply with..?oh it was so nice to hear from you any? so next step is we?re I send then an 8 digit code if I say MoneyGram or 10 if Western Union and then they finally read cause you get reply that say thing honey you need to check your number or call, cause I had problems at the money transfer place...this is were it ends with...?how does it feel to think your getting something your never getting? ? Of course this good for the multi millions to from Africa I?m always getting.! Hahahaha just so fun and entertaining at the least...then last is send them finally greeting ?I spit in your worthless face? !! P.S. sorry only couple photos cause of deleted emails most of time, and bored with this one

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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