First name: Sandra
Last name: Taylor
Aka: Vera Owusu
Age: 34
Location: Sunyani Ghana
Address: 00233
Email: Unknown
On websites:
Report:     I was on a site called, and I got an email from mainswitch2. we emailed back a few times then she asked if I had skype. We went to skype and she sent me a photo and i sent her one. We had some very nice conversations. it was clean and she was sweet. then a couple of days later she sent some more pics. after that she said her phone had fallen into the water and was ruined. she asked if I could buy her a new iphone 10 and that she would repay me. i said no, to ask someone she knew better than me. She ignored that and asked again. i said no, that It was to much to spend on someone I barely knew. then she said that $500 would be ok and she could buy one herself. I then said no I could not do that and she said she would find another way. I figured it might be a scam so i started to investgate. I came to this site and found her pics almost instantly We have still been chatting on skype, but now she is not as friendly. I have not told her that I suspect anything. I think that she is finished trying to get me to send money and is now throwing guilt at me.
Status of report: is still without proof