SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Catherine Gocatek

First name: Catherine
Last name: Gocatek
Aka: Cathy Goff Cathy ignacio on Skype khati ignacio sweety
Age: 34/36
Location: Barangay Quezon City phillipinnes
Phone: +639082927710 +639165166800 +639379572762
On websites: Hi 5 as asian T Skype Facebook numerous dating sites
Report:     Has scammed me for the last three years to the sum of ?1.6k saying we have a future together caught her out with her boyfriend three times lies about everything manipulative and controlling. I have said I would try to get out there to visit her in next six months she said let?s make it October or November also then said can you give me another two years to meet asked her to do cenomar which is proof of a person being single she said she was waiting for it online didn?t actually do it then produced one that?s a year and a half old.
Status of report: is still without proof