SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Sofya Krivoshlykova

First name: Sofya
Last name: Krivoshlykova
Age: 31
Location: Nefteyugansk russia
On websites: Skype Gmail
Report:     I've been talking to Sophia for a while thanks to this I I found out she's a scammer believe it or not I'm still talking to her she supposed to call me when she's in Moscow and I know she's sending me up to buy 2 tickets it's probably almost $2,000 but I got plenty of emails from her I got pictures to of her and her so-called mom and her father and her sister that's how we've been communicating that's about it I got some evidence if you guys want if you guys want it I got some great pictures some great locations in the background where you can probably identify where she's really located but you need to get ahold of me my e mail is get back to me ASAP cuz she's supposed to call me when she's in Moscow and I know she'll probably be there to pick up the ticket money so get ahold of me ASAP
Status of report: is still without proof