Scam report about Ekaterina Maeva

First name:  Ekaterina
Last name:  Maeva
Age:  unknown
Location:  Russia, Nefteyugansk,Myachkovski,Moscow
Phone:  +7978348365
Report:  Ekaterina H.i George!!! I write you from Moscow! I rented a room in an apartment. The owner of apartment is a very nice woman. I will write you the address where I stay: Myachkovski boulevard, 6 korpus 1, Moscow, Russia, 109341. George, today I visited the embassy and the airport. In the embassy I have filled out all the papers necessary for getting a visa. I like that in the visa center there are a lot of very nice people working and I even saw the council, he went by in a corridor and seemed very nice but very serious person. I got help absolutely with everything. I have handed in all the necessary documents and also made photos for my visa. Now I am waiting for my visa to be given to me. I have met a girl and asked her how much time it takes to get a visa. She said that now they make it very quickly, as there are a large quantity of people applying and the embassy is working very quickly. In the embassy they told me that I shall have 2 airplane tickets. Tickets are necessary for getting a visa. As I was explained,the employees of the embassy have to be sure in the exact dates of my arrival and departure from your country. I thought that I could get the tickets from the internet, but in the embassy they told me that now it is very strict rules about tickets and I have to possess original tickets with me so they can be approved by the embassy. It is one of the main conditions for obtaining a visa. I was very surprised with these rules but they said it is very important for me to get a visa quickly. I was also explained that there are a lot of people that are being dishonest with this, for example showing tickets from internet that are not valid or even do not exist. Because of these cases now the embassy made it more complicated to avoid such cases. Today I visited airport

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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