Scam report about Elena Postanogova

First name:  Elena
Last name:  Postanogova
Age:  35
Location:  Samara Russia
On websites:  Russian Cupid
Report:  I met Elena on Russian Cupid, I initiated contact, Her profile was verified and she was a gold member on the site. we had a correspondence for about a week on the site before she started writing my Email. we talked for about 6 weeks over email, first about every 3 days then almost every day. we had a brief Skype conversation stating she wanted to see me. She needed help with visa fees so I payed $280 over moneygram to help her out. She then tried to get a loan for the flight tickets but came up short and needed help I sent $700 over moneygram to her. Days before her first scheduled arrival she cancelled stating she needed money on hand to get through customs in my country. I sent it to her, $600 over moneygram. She booked her flight again, but cancelled. this time she was unable to leave to due past unpaid debt. She did not ask for help this time and took care of it herself. Booked a flight for the third time, this time she never contacted me to cancel. I waited for 4 hours at the airport before giving up. Got an email from her stating her father had passed away. A week later I got a response from her friend saying she had fallen ill from all the stress and she was in the hospital. her friend was given her information to keep me informed. The next time I sent an Email to her the account was deleted and I have been removed from her Skype contacts.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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