Scam report about MARINA PEREDNENKO

First name:  MARINA
Last name:  PEREDNENKO
Age:  29
Location:  UKRAINE , KIEV
On websites:  russian brides , anistasia date , charm date , romance compass , godate
Report:  Ive been talking to this woman for nearly 3 years on various sites where she poured out her undying love for me , yeah right !!!! she will keep you in chat and video chat and write you two or three letters a day ,she will get you to buy gifts from the dating sites at very inflated prices ,when you finally buy her contact details the address is old and you wont get through on the phone then you will find yourself back at the dating site complaining , then a few days later you will get a call from the lady shouting at you because you complained !!! after that the phone will go dead and you find yourself back on the site talking to her , well she and the ukraine agency make money so its in there best interest to keep you talking on sites, if your clever you will find her on social media as i did but then she will ignore you and blank you !!!! thats where you will see all the other men she talks to on these dating sites fight for her attention which she dosent give and some men even end up fighting in the comments lol , when i finally did get a number for her i could never get through and i got her email where for nearly a year we communicate normal and natural to be honest it was nice but then that stopped and frustrated again you end up back on the sites ,i caught her out lying alot ,she went on a holiday with a girlfriend to turkey and the photos she had taken were from a man you could see his reflection in the glass and if you zoomed in and use filters there were his muscular arms and he was wearing shorts another selfie photo she took was on a sun lounger wearing his crap rayand glasses in you zoom in on the glass lens you can see hes led next to her caught out !!!! she still says she was there with a girl , i then sent her some flowers for her birthday the phone numbers i gave the kiev flower shop two were dead the one that worked told the flower shop she dosent know marina another lie put the number in whatsapp and it comes up with one of her two assistance one called julia back to these in a moment , the flowers were picked up by a man the flower shop sent me confirmation and there was another number aagain i put it in whatsapp and viber bingo Igor and its linked to his facebook and instagram and photos on all of them of his love for bmw and merc 4x4,s in black of coarse idiot !!!!! she said she got the flowers but they didnt make her social media pages like some mens do for 5 minutes then she deletes them ,back to julia when you talk to marina on any site the conversations dont make sense like she cant remember what you talked aboutt the day before thats because your talking to one of her assistance not her and shes online from 6am till 2am sometimes on three sites at the same time because there all working her profiles , okay we planned to spend the othadox christmas together and planned it for months she told me she had a shoot in russia and would be busy ok , but a day later photos appeared on instagram from the maldives with the location then an hour later the location had disappeared so i rang the hotel where they told me she had booked into a room with Igor !!!!

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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