Scam report about Lisa Jaster

First name:  Lisa
Last name:  Jaster
Age:  40
Location:  Canton, Missouri, USA & Afghanistan
On websites:  Google
Report:  Report deals with Lisa Jaster, aged 40 at a client of W8 dating site, Lisa is a poor orphan and a widow, her husband was the victim of a Great White Shark poor bastard. She is currently serving in The United States Army and is serving in Afghanistan, where she is the Chief Medical Surgeon. Amazing job really as she is quite illiterate. I feel congratulations are necessary but are unable to give them for the following reasons: She is using stolen photos and the real identity of one Lisa Jaster who was actually a Major in the Engineering Corps. Lisa Jaster has been out of active duty since 2007 when the Army's challenging Ranger School opened to women last year. Then she became an engineer for Shell in Houston and has a husband and two children, Lisa Jaster laughed at the idea of putting a uniform on again. She thought it wasn't realistic. Poor Major Jaster?s identity is being used by various scammers. She tells me that she fell in love with me from the moment she first saw my photo, some women have no taste whatsoever! Knowing that she was a scammer and that she was in love with me I moved to my usual low morals and asked her to prove her love by dropping her camouflaged army panties for me, she completely ignored my request (bitch) and sent me the usual scammer letter telling me that she has a fortune in Afghanistan and want to move it to my country, asked me for all my personal details and offered me 30% of her ill gotten gains. She would forward my details to the Delivery Company to which without doubt I would have been responsible for the freight payment. She declined my request to drop her panties, lol.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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