Scam report about Anastasia Rudskaya

First name:  Anastasia
Last name:  Rudskaya
Aka:  Irina
Age:  29
Location:  Ishevsk/Udmurtya/Russia
On websites:  Scarlet sails
Report:  Irina connected me a few days ago. By her photo I could identify her immediately as Anastasia Rudskaya (with lots of aka's). I connected her with a text and a photo I already used for Anastasia Kolimulina (must be wellknown within your records). She answered me with exactely the same text I found at another scammer detective site, under the name Kristina from April 2017 (text attached). I wondered and watched there her profil and found two photos obviously originated from Anastasia Kolimulina (attached), pretending to be Victoria Rudskaya. Anastasia Kolimulina connected me a lot of times as Natalya, Olechka, Alena und finally as Irina. Her CV was the same as of Anastasia Rudskaya: living in Ishevsk, being surgeon, age variating from 29 to 31, doing lots of sports, disappointed from russian men and so on. My conclusion: Irina aka Anastasia Rudskaya und Irina aka Anastasia Kolimulina are idendical, with tons of different names but just two photo-identities.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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