Scam report about Galya Nelyubina

First name:  Galya
Last name:  Nelyubina
Age:  28
Location:  Chabarowsk/Russia
Address:  Moscow, Ulitsa Flotskaya 3-17 (temporarily)
Report:  She contacted me business as usual, on Jan. 24th 2018. She told me to be a stripper and an excellent dentist student with a paid internship abroads ahead, an orhpan with a hard childhood. Her style was very coloured and descriptive. Very fast she changed to an erotical style in a sympathic way. She proposed that and I pushed her a bit. I was excited. Her photos were attractive but not too pretty. They went explicit erotical (not attached). I trusted in her and enjoyed this conversation. Finally she asked money for some depts to pay or no visa for leaving Russia to come to me. 400 $ by Moneygram or westerunion. I agreed but asked for her bank account. She really gave it to me (what's rather seldom!). Of cause I refused that payment after. She was not amused. I wondered if I was right. But by chance I found out after that her vita has been already exactely(!) used by a registered scammer (Julia Pykhteewa, report n?5 of Gianclaudio, Jan. 28th 2014). I think that she either is Julia Pykhteewa or copie/pasted their text. The photos of Julia P. belongs to a wellknown nude model called Sarah (Ukrainian?). The photos of Galya may be authentical. Proofs will arrive within a separated mail.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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