Scam report about Julija Bojko

First name:  Julija
Last name:  Bojko
Age:  34
Location:  Kharkiv, Ukraine
Address:  Valentinovskaya street 26, apt 37
Phone:  380992782793
On websites:  OKCupid, Lavaplace
Report:  I initiated contact with a woman online who presented herself as Julija Bojko, born September 9, 1983, allegedly living at Valentinovskaya street 26, apt 37, 61170 Kharkiv, Ukraine, who engaged in a dating scam totaling $2100 USD beginning on November 7, 2016. I first met Bojko on a dating website (OKCupid) on October 29, 2016. For about 1 year we corresponded through her email ( and exchanged 75 letters. She not only described in detail the sad personal facts of her life (i.e., that she was born in Zheltoe, a war zone in the Donbass; that her parents moved away with her and now rented a room in Kharkov; that sometimes she lives without electricity or water; and that she had a Master?s degree in Education), but also her daily life as an au pair with a high-ranking military family. She also sent me 90 personal photos, all of which I checked online and determined to be genuinely hers and not belonging to someone else. Bojko and I never met in person, but she claimed to be on the dating site looking to ?meet one special man, who has place in his heart and in his life for me.? By the fourth letter on November 3, she was calling me ?darling,? describing how much she likes to touch her man, imagining a future together for us, and adding hugs to her greetings. She also admitted that she did not have an international passport. By her fifth letter on November 5, she was calling me her ?dearest? and promising her body and soul to the special man, even as she first raised the issue of money for a meeting. With the international passport, she stated ?it could be easily getting but I will need to save for it because my salary is not very good and it cost a lot for people who are originally from area where military actions take place.? In her sixth letter of November 7, she had already checked the cost of an international passport ($400 USD) and confirmed that she had a bank account. By her seventh letter on November 9, she described her perfect wedding day, that she would ?be pleased to come to [me] and I think that we fit together very much,? and then assured me bank transfer were safe where she lived now as she received her ?salary on bank account, so it is not a problem.? By her eighth letter on November 13, she professed already to be in love with me and ended her letter with kisses. On November 14, she already imagined a life with me, repeated that she wanted to meet me, and then gave her bank information through Privatbank 4 days later. Before sending her any money, I asked for a copy of her ID, which she claimed on November 23 not to know about. On November 25, she professed her love for me, while still offering excuses about not having an ID: ?I live in Kharkov, I have already written you that and my address here. So, I don't know what your . . . talking about. There is no war in Kharkov, and never been. I just don't have such ID because it is new stuff here and it is not necessarily to do it, it cost money for people. So, I didn't do it.? When I informed her that no help could come without an ID, she suddenly changed her mind on November 28 and admitted that she had an internal passport to send. Erotic dreams started with her 17th letter on December 10, and then erotic photos as of December 19. By December 23, I sent Bojko a first wire transfer for $600 USD to get an international passport. On January 2, 2017, she confirmed that she my ?transfer was credited to [her] account, so, after holidays I'll go to the Passport Office :)) And we will meet each other soon! :)? On January 19, she confirmed that she had received her new international passport. I asked her to send me a copy, but on January 22 she asked why I would need it? After more delay, she sent me a scan of her new passport on January 27. On February 14, Bojko informed me she had been on an alternate dating site (Lavaplace). I had found her profile on there and the personal details she gave there did not match what she had declared in her profile on OKCupid. After I told her I had found this profile, it was removed. On March 14, Bojko told me she had gone to a travel agency and was told that she needed money for ?visa, medical papers, insurance, also travel agency will need to book hotel because without this Embassy won't give visa. . . . And also [air] tickets.? Five days later, she said she would ask her employers for 10 days off in July for us to meet. I tried to call her phone in early April, but no one answered. On April 4, Bojko denied receiving any call from me and asked me what number I had called? When I told her the number I had used, she gave me the same number she had told me before (+3800992782793). On April 17, Bojko claimed she needed at least $1100 USD to make all the documents. I sent her $1500 USD by wire transfer on April 26 for travel documents; 10 days later on May 6, she confirmed my money had arrived. On April 27, Bojko apologized for not writing sooner, but claimed her grandmother was ill with some disease and that she ?was all the time with her and didn't leave her for a moment.? On May 18, I tried to call Bojko again; at first, no one answered, and then I got what sounded like a hoarse male voice who hung up on me. On May 22, Bojko explained this anomaly by claiming she had ?caught virus or something like this and now I'm sick. That day when you called me, on Thursday, I fell ill with the disease? and tried to brush off the male voice as due to illness. In another passionate letter dated June 9, Bojko claimed she missed ?so much simple things like flowers from beloved man,? so I decided to surprise her (and test her address) by sending her flowers. The florist, however, claimed the address was not correct, so I asked Bojko to confirm it, which she did on June 15 but without telling me her apartment number. On June 19, I asked her once again why her phone never worked, the apartment number, and if her name was on the address. On June 21, Bojko wrote ?I live with my employers in apartment building. The number of apartment is 37? and claimed her phone ?works when it wants. Sometimes it could turn off by itself.? That same day, I asked for the name of her employer, which she ignored. Three days later, I asked her ?Why are you NOT at the address or phone number you gave me????? On June 29, Bojko stated her grandmother had a stroke and so she was back in Lugansk caring for her. She also insisted her phone number was correct, but the florist never could reach her by phone, just as I could not either. On July 17, I confronted Bojko with what the florist wrote me?namely that ?the recipient is unknown at the delivery address. The family that live at the given address doesn't know Julia Boyko [sic].? On July 26, Bojko tried to turn her lies against me, claiming that I had ?framed her,? that she had ?worked illegal [for her employers] and they didn't pay any taxes to the government for hiring me? as she was not supposed to be hired anyway because she was ?from the zone of military conflict, they had no right to hire me!? On July 29, I pointed out that the new international passport I had paid for back in December was 100% fake, so I asked her what she had done with my money. She did not respond, and ignored six more letters from me until I threatened to file a police complaint against her on August 26. That letter got her attention, and Bojko claimed she had no opportunity to write to me as her grandmother now was dying. She insisted her passport was real and that she had gone to ?Russia by this passport already with my grandmother to the hospital and everything was fine.? She then said that I could go to Ukraine and she would ?return you all I have because I can't send these all to you because there are no banks here because the war is not ended!? That same day, I replied that her ?bank has Internet banking, so you can do a transfer online. If you need to go into a bank and cannot do it where you are now, then go back to where your family rents a room in Kharkov and do the transfer there. I have no way of entering a war zone, so you need to handle this when you can.? On September 5, Bojko replied that she ?took all that I had on my bank account before I went back home, because I thought that I will go to you soon! And now I have all these money in cash, not on bank account! And my parents went back home long time ago before I went. . . . If you want you can come here and take all that left from your transfers!? That same day, I replied that she had not given me any address to go pick up money, but if she had it in cash, then she could send it to me by Moneygram or Western Union. Two more months went by without a reply, so I sent her a 12th reminder on November 8. That same day she fell back into the old excuses of being in a war zone where ?there are no banks, no post-offices? and that she was not going to risk her life by going somewhere to send me my money?forgetting that she had not risked her life by taking my money into a war zone in the first place. Once again I asked for her address, but she did not reply and has ignored multiple messages from me for the last 6 months. Bojko is a liar and a scammer.

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