Scam report about Natalya 

First name:  Natalya
Age:  29
Location:  Liantor, Siberia, Russia
Email: &
On websites:  Google
Report:  This report deals with a typical Russian or Ukrainian scammer who calls herself Natalya. She first contacted me around 10 days ago by gmail using an address WORSEMONA@GMAIL.COM and I replied. I then heard nothing from her until I received a second mail from her with the mail address WOMANATEY@GMAIL.COM, I guess she had problems with her first address. I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE SHE GOT ME FROM BUT YOU WILL SEE FROM HER MAILS THAT SHE IS TRYING TO FIND OUT WHICH DATING SITES I AM AT, POSSIBLY SHE IS A SCAMMER THAT I HAVE ALREADY REPORTED AND THERE IS REVENGE IN HER MIND. I can find no trace of her at Google or Yandex images however her mails are pre written and she doesn?t read my replies, just all the time trying to find out as much about me a she can. In my second mail I asked her to join me at The World Football Cup games in Russia this year but her reply made no reference to my invitation proving to me that she does not read my mails. She says that she lives in the city of Liantor, or Lyantor, Siberia, Russia, I looked it up at Google Earth and it is just a small one horse town, lol. She sends me photos of her saying that they were taken during a walk in the park, in one photo the park gates were shown and had a large wine urn welded to it. I reduced the photo of the urn and found it at Google. Christ this girl likes to walk as these gates are actually at a Winery in Sebastopol, Ukraine, thousands of miles away. I am afraid that I don?t have time to get into weeks or months of long letters with her just to find out a Western Union address so I sent her to spam. I rest my case!

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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