Scam report about Janet Anopansuo

First name:  Janet
Last name:  Anopansuo
Age:  32
Location:  Ghana
On websites:  Adult Friend Finder
Report:  Janet Anopansuo Thomas Maltby hey Janet Anopansuo Pleased joining with you online Thomas Maltby I check AFF but didn't find your profile Janet Anopansuo I did alert you right from AFF that I was going to delete my profile account and I have done just that. So u do what u say I like that Your from Ghana. That might be why I didn't respond. Janet Anopansuo What's wrong if am from there ? I've had a lot of problems people aasking for money etc... nothing to do with u Janet Anopansuo Am living in Germany did u ever live in ghana? am I mistaken? Janet Anopansuo No Guess you talking with a lot of ladies right ? odd. your face book page says different Janet Anopansuo So that mean's you have even checked on me on facebook ? I check everybody everybody checks me too Janet Anopansuo Am on facebook but don't love using it cos it irritate me I guess u need to get your lies straight facebook clearly sayd you live(d) in ghana nothing to say? lol Janet Anopansuo am cool if u still wish to learn and know about me Now that I have your info I can report you as a scammer Janet Anopansuo That is none sense well, I just caught you in a lie so how is that nonsense Janet Anopansuo Am not what you think of me Janet ? Sun, 10:53 AM well, I'm sorry but I busted u in a lie Sun, 12:12 PM Janet Anopansuo Ok Janet ? Sun, 12:45 PM I HAVE HER PICTURES IF YOU NEED IT

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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