Scam report about Tara Moore

First name:  Tara
Last name:  Moore
Age:  35 ?
Location:  Edmonton , Canada
On websites:
Report:  She has one big business with raw material- which is not real of course. She was in Manchester UK in a contest for big business. And she gets it. But to start a business need the help of course- money. We are talking big numbers 6,5 million USD. She has no money in the UK so she needs your help- after you will be like very rich. But then this needs of money continues and has no end. Her mother died in car accident. Father is from Portugal but they have no relationship. Also, she has no big friends to help. And her cell phone is not working well - very characteristic. I have even picture of her passport in that big check of 6,5 million plus photos of her.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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