Scam report about Nancy Rodriguez

First name:  Nancy
Last name:  Rodriguez
Age:  Late 20s
Location:  Bay Shore, New York State, US
Address:  1704 Thompson Drive, Zip code 11706, and 27 Walbridge Avenue, Bay Shore
Phone:  6316658424
Email: and
On websites:  Google G+
Report:  2015 I got a Hangouts from a Gary Kenes. We talked a few times then it stopped. Later, a year or so, I get a Hangouts from Nancy Rodriguez saying she was his daughter. Odd that the surnames were different and he'd never mentioned his family. She'd found my details in his possession because he was ill and in hospital and was in charge of his business affairs and private correspondence. He became so ill he ended up in a coma then died. She said she was all alone because her mother too was dead some time back. She started to use me as a psychological and emotional support system. I was told I was her ideal man because I was so good to her in her time of need. She said she loved me and wanted to spend the rest of her life with me. I didn't encourage her because of the age and country differences. I'm over 60 and she seemed to be 25 to 35. Because her father was dead she was going to inherit his ranch and remaining horse. Recently she asked for money because she had none but she would pay me back when the will was sorted out. She told me her horse needed feeding and her dog just got sick. I was the only one who understood her and she got me to believe I could love her too. When I cooled towards her she turned nasty saying I'd betrayed her and lied to her when I said I'd always be there for her. I never promised her any money though when she asked me for ?400 I said I could only find ?100. She then said she'd accept ?250 and I got the message. This is a woman who sent me a photo of a very beautiful woman a bit like Celine Dion but far prettier. She said she was into fashion design and modelling. I wondered why a beautiful model had no money or why she was in debt for her father's medical bills and legal bills for her inheritance. I've told her through Hangouts that I don't want to communicate with her anymore. I hope that's an end to it.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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