Last name:  FOKINA
Age:  31
Location:  Country: Russia, City: Abakan, Republic of Jakasia
Address:  Street: Pushkin, House: 96, Apartment 17, Zip Code: 663740
Phone:  (+7) 39022 23-41-76
On websites:
Report:  The one who started the contact was her through the website, she wrote me that she liked my profile, using the nickname Love32, but then she gave me another email to I wrote to him (, we were writing for a year and a half, during his correspondence note several contradictions, I asked him but he did not answer me on the subject, he changed to another topic. She told me that she wanted to meet me, that she lived alone because her parents had died and that she did not have money to travel to our meeting, if she could help her, the person who received the money was herself using the name previously detailed in the form, the The first amount I requested was 31,570 rubles, it was sent to him in 2 installments and then he sent me another request for the customs part, and I ask his request, then he asks for more and I did not send him more because he did not have that moment and begins to enunciate it in every note that he sent me that when he was going to send the money, to pass the time and see that he did not send the money, one day I stop write to me, I wrote to him but he never answered me again.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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