Scam report about Maria Shilova

First name:  Maria
Last name:  Shilova
Age:  30
Location:  Markovka, Ukraine
Phone:  +380955854446
On websites:
Report:  Very professional scammer. Takes her time with a lot of emails, before proposing to come. Asks money for the passport, then sends a copy of the passport with valid information. At this moment, you start trusting her. Then she tells that she must enter the military service although she is a woman, because she made some medical studies - which is true in Ukraine. She sends a proof of this. Then she asks money to bribe the doctor to avoid the military service. And then the problem comes, because the bribes never end. She needs to bribe the doctor, then the officer of the recruitment office, then the head of the recruitment office... It seems she needs to bribe the whole Ukrainian army !

Status of report:  is still without proof

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