Scam report about Melissa Fraye

First name:  Melissa
Last name:  Fraye
Aka:  Melessa
Age:  44
Location:  Delhi, India & Turkey
On websites:  Google
Report:  Interesting one this lady who calls herself Melessa or Melissa Fraye. Says she works in a bank where a client has died and left a deposit worth $11.5 million. In her mail to me she asks me to commit so many offences against The British Theft Act 1968 and American Justice laws that it is almost unbelievable. Fortunately she is in Turkey, lol. I didn?t communicate any further with her as I actually could have been committing conspiracy had I done so, even if she is a scammer. She is confirmed as a scammer at other sites and is also at other dating sites.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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